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Are you about to postpone the start of your healthy journey, again?

“I’ll start next week”

“Definitely after my birthday”

“After my holiday”.

Even though this might sound cliché, your healthy journey is a lifestyle change and should be approached that way. Changes made that will eventually become part of your everyday routine – come birthdays, holidays, etc., changes that you will take with you for the rest of your life – you’ve heard it all before? Well it’s true!

Before you put off your healthy journey again, take a look at these three tips to help you get started right now:

Know What You’re Eating.
Instead of taking just anybody’s word for it, start to educate yourself. It’s about more than the carb content, the number of calories, the fat content, etc. What kind of foods are better for you? Natural or processed foods? Stir/Pan fried or deep-fried? A bar of chocolate or a banana? And just in case you don’t know the answers, they are – natural, stir/pan fried and a banana. I’m sure you knew them 😉
Of course, taking in a lot of new information can be overwhelming but you have to start from somewhere. Take things one-step at a time.
Small changes you can instantly make for healthy results include:

a. Cut out deep frying
Roast your chicken, meat and fish. Roast your plantain or pan fry with no more than 3 tablespoons of oil.

b. Use less oil in stews, soups, etc and sometimes substitute completely with oil from your chicken/meat stock.

c.  Add more vegetables to your meals and cut down carbs like yam, ‘eba’, ‘amala’, rice, etc portions. Sometimes, cut them out completely.

Snack healthier Eg a handful of nuts, a piece of chicken/meat, a piece of fruit. Plantain chips are a convenient, tasty snack but they’re deep fried. Limit your intake and when you can, bake yours at home:

Don’t starve yourself
With the healthy choices above, eat when you’re hungry and don’t wait till you feel like you’re starving. Always eat breakfast, even if it’s just a piece of chicken. And snack if, and when necessary. Starving yourself not only leads to over-eating, it’s also not good for your blood sugar (and resulting energy) levels which should be regulated properly with regular (healthy) food intake.

Plan In Advance
This goes for cooking and exercise. No matter how busy we are, we will always make time for what’s important. These changes you’re making should be top priority.  Allocate time for cooking meals for the week – I usually do my cooking on Sunday afternoons. Preparing food for the week ensures you don’t end up buying fast food, biscuits, chocolates or food that you can’t vouch for all the ingredients used in its preparation. If you have an exercise DVD, allocate the days and times you’ll use them and don’t make any plan that could disrupt them. If you’re a gym member, do the same and also check the timetable and know what classes you’re attending.

Team Up With A Friend
Sticking to your healthy goals is so much easier when you have like-minded people around you. You’ve heard the term, “Two heads are better than one”, right? I wonder if it’s a Nigerian phrase, hmmm.

Anyway, I can almost guarantee you know someone who also wants to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Exchange recipes, join a gym, buy the same exercise DVD and track your progress together. You’ll be there to motivate and encourage each other. The more the merrier, so get even more friends together.
Will you start today? Is that a ‘Yes’ I hear?  Good luck J


Writer: Adura is a Personal Trainer and Blogger who is passionate about promoting a healthy & natural lifestyle inside and out. She juggles her time between teaching classes, clients, blogging, YouTube and running the ‘Get Trimmer’ Challenge (link:, a 6-week online weight-loss program with weekly plans and resources. Designed to help you towards your healthy goals, it also comes with a private group providing members with a forum to share with and encourage each other.


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