10 Things We Wish You In 2014

With love from the Femme Lounge Team, [quote]When you see a need and your heart bleeds, may you have all you need to make a change.[/quote] [quote]When you know what to do but don’t know how to do it, may you find a guide to lead you.[/quote] [quote]When the storms are raging and the rains are falling hard, may you find a shelter, a refuge.[/quote] [quote]When you get everything you want, may you have someone who will celebrate it with you.[/quote] [quote]When you are in pain deep within, may your soul find healing and peace.[/quote] [quote]When the world wants to make you a clone, may you not be afraid to be who you are.[/quote] [quote]When you are at a crossroad and confused about where to turn, may you find clarity.[/quote] [quote]When life bullshits you, may you find the strength to slam it’s bullshit right back at it.[/quote] [quote]May you see the beauty in all that you have, and may the little you have become grand.[/quote] [quote]May your spirit not fail, may your soul not fail, and may your body not fail.[/quote]

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