A Most Horrific Verdict On A Child Sexual Abuse Case



I came across a Facebook post yesterday about a man who raped his daughter. The writer was making sense until he got to the third paragraph where he started blaming the mother of the victim, and strongly advised her to keep quiet and not tell anyone that her husband raped her daughter.

Please read the article below and follow the link to read the comments. 

Excerpts from the Facebook post by Bola Adewara:

“Yesterday Friday, someone sent me a mail to advise a wife who caught her husband right on top of his 9 years old daughter! Yes, you read it right. 9 years old. Now what do you want me to say? Get a cutlass and drop his head? Run to your pastor or police? Faint and pass out finally? Or say this is Nollywood! Its not true. I cant imagine the agony of that mother at that point and henceforth. I cant. Since i got the mail yesterday, ive been so sad.

How careless or ‘instinct-less’ can you women be that you will not detect the nefarious capabilities of your husbands? Where is the sixth sense you women are said to be blessed with? You mean you cannot predict your husband? You mean you cannot catch somethings in the spirit? Haba! Women should pay more attention to the spirituality of their homes so that before evil strikes, you will pick it in the spirit.

What advice did i give? I couldn’t blame the 9-year-old. What would she know at that age? The woman must just keep quiet about the issue, take the daughter far away from the man.

Why did i say ‘keep quiet’? For the sake of the daughter. If that story becomes a public issue, that daughter is ruined. She gets a stigma instantly. Not all women can be as lucky as Joyce Meyer who came public with what her father did to her. The mother should be quiet about it for the sake of the daughter, take the children away from him and then decide what she wants to do with the marriage. I will never speak on divorce or forgiveness. That is entirely her decision.”

I thought that was the most horrible thing to say, until I saw some of the comments below the post. Some ‘commenters’ went on and on, justifying a man raping his own child; heaping blames on women. One actually said barbaric acts like this one happens because some wives deny their husbands sex, and the men are looking for home-based solution to their sexual urges. His words below:

[quote]And who cares to find out how often the women satisfy their husbands sexually? I have lost count of women who tell me is it food? leaving their husbands at the mercy of circumstances.

This is notoriously common among Christian women who believe their husbands would be too ashamed to have an affair and cannot divorce them.

Invariably the man looks for an home-based solution. We can cry all we want more and more women are giving their husbands less and less sex while men today face more and more visual sexualized images.”[/quote]

What on earth is wrong with these people, home based solution such as abusing your own daughter??

Read the full post and the comments that followedhere





  1. dbabyd@gmail.com'


    March 10, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    Eranko gba l’awon people yi! I mean, to even thing raping anyone is justifiable by any means of imagination is sickening

  2. nnena.adalogu@outlook.com'


    March 10, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    That Shina man and his comment are from the most rotten place ever! As for the writer of that FB post, what if the victim was 15, 18, 25, 30 sef…. it will no longer be about age for you and you will blame the victim?

  3. akancindy@yahoo.co.uk'


    October 29, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    Anyone who supports rape directly or indirectly reflects exactly what kind of individual they are and the stuff they are made of both as brothers/friends/husbands/fathers and grandfathers…May God help us.

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