Do Pregnant Women Have A Right To Jump Queues?

By Debisi

It is getting late and the mall will soon be closed, people are in a hurry, everyone quickly picking what they want to buy from the shelves to join the long queue. It is a long queue but the ladies at the till are moving slow.

A pregnant woman walks majestically from the end of the store, past the long queue and goes right to the front.The man in  front says to her, ” madam, you need to join the queue”, the pregnant woman replied pointing to her bulging tummy, “can’t you see?”

The man keeps quiet, everyone keeps quiet, the woman stays at the front of the queue.

Her husband and a lady, probably her sister, comes with baskets full of items and add it to the pregnant woman’s trolley, the husband goes back to pick more items.

A man talks, ”excuse me madam, your husband and your sister can join the queue with their goods, they are not pregnant”

A young lady talks too, “I am two weeks pregnant too and I am not jumping the queue, you should join the queue like everyone else”.

Another woman talks, “I have few days old baby crying and needing my attention, yet I am not jumping the queue”

Everyone talks, “We all have excuses to jump the queue but we are not”

The pregnant woman is angry and  threatens, “I will drop all these items and walk away if they don’t serve me first”.

Everyone replies, “so what? Who cares?”

She turns to the lady at the till, the lady at the till says, ”sorry maam, you have to join the queue”.

The pregnant woman drops everything and walks away with her sister and husband shouting and cursing.

Some people think what she did was wrong and inappropriate, some people think her pregnancy gives her the right to be attended to first. I think if she wanted to jump the queue she should have been polite about it, no one owes her anything.

What do you think?

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  1. Everyone was wrong ( My opinion)..The pregnant woman should have politely spoken to the man who told her to join the queue, give him a tired smile and tell him how fatigued she is. Pregnancy is not an excuse to be rude!
    The lady at the till should have attended to her though and apologise to all other customers, a pregnant woman deserves that courtesy
    Carrying a growing baby in your arms or left at home is much more convenient than carrying one in your womb.
    The preggy lost the case because she was rude. Politeness works always

  2. She should have been polite, it is only courtesy that means she gets first dibs, but really, no one owes her anything.

  3. She really should have been polite about it…..attitude is very key!

  4. Yep everyone was kinda wrong. Having lived abroad, I have enjoyed the privilege of going ahead of others on queues or even reserved parking spots, but in Nigeria here I don’t expect it. Recently I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into gtbank with my daughter and the security guy at the door asked me to go straight to the cashier. I am a strong believer in coping the Romans if in Rome. If I was on a queue and saw a pregnant or elderly person, I would ask others in a somewhat ‘I’m not really asking for permission’ voice if said person could go ahead.

  5. No one owes her anything she should queue up as well.
    Her husband and sister should have queued up. I was very sick through out my 9months pregnancy but would not have done what she did. if i felt i couldnt stand in line for that long i would have simply asked the people in front of me if i could move up.
    And boy was she rude.

  6. I think the pregnant woman acted inappropriately. first of all, she shouldn’t have forced herself to the front without asking the permission of others. thats been rude and disregarding others. there are so many polite approaches, i mean the people on the queue are not blind.

    i remember when i was pregnant, when i come to the shops and the queue so unbearable. what i always do is change my facial expression showing how tired i was, and stand i will position my belly in such a way that the customer assistant will see how heavy i was. it always worked, they call me up and serve me.

    anger destroys a lot of things. storming out fetched her nothing

  7. If we use our consciences properly humanity comes automatically . It not about right or wrong but fairness. Any person that coins a victim state to take advantage of others does not deserve empathy from others. Her pregnancy speaks for itself and she didn’t need to force anything. Those around her would have given her permission free but the way she did it was the problem.

  8. Doris Meno Reply to Doris

    Well if she was polite and heavily pregnant I'd let her jump the queue. It isn't easy standing for a long time when pregnant. I used to get dizzy and stuff.

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