For ALL Motherless Mothers.

If you have a mother never take her for granted.

As a child I prayed to God every night to send my mother back, I needed her more than He could. With so many angels in heaven I just didn’t understand why he would take my mother. I envied my friends who had mothers to take them out, care for them when sick and buy them pretty things. As an adult I envied them even more, I had no mother to plan my wedding with, none to share my motherhood with. It hurts.

My father tried his best to provide for me but he never really bonded emotionally with me. I don’t blame him for it; he never recovered from my mother’s death. He cried more than he laughed, he was sad more than he was happy. He lived with the pain of death; I saw it in his eyes every day.

I just had my first child, and the whole period from pregnancy to childbirth was a deeply emotional time, so bad I was depressed for months after the birth of my baby. I  feared i would die and leave my daughter alone in the world the way my mother died and i was left alone. I wished she was there. I wished she didn’t leave the world the day I came in, I wished I had some memories of her, no many how little.

Its mother’s day again, I am grateful for a mother I never knew, and joyful that I have a beautiful daughter to love and adore for forever.

To every motherless mother out there, I wish you a happy mother’s day!  – Tee


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  1. Tolulope Babajide Reply to Tolulope

    I feel so moved by this, don't worry God is with you every step of the way.

  2. Thanks for sharing this story! I just know you’ll be the very best mother, even without a model to look up to.

  3. I feel your pain, i lost my mother when i was very young and though i never really got over it, i really felt her absense when i had my daughter. I felt so alone, found myself struggling with post natal depression. But God saw me through the period, i celebrate all the motherless mothers out there, God will always be your strenght.

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