This Is Why Omotola Should Believe in Gender Equality.



119203342_origOmotola Jalade Ekeinde’s Wikipedia page describes her as a fierce human right campaigner, an Amnesty International campaigner and it celebrates her work with the United Nations and Save The Children UK. Yet, her recent comment about Gender Equality in a recent interview with Punch  just hit the Human Right Campaign where it hurts terribly.  By saying, ” I don’t believe in gender equality. I do not believe that God made man and woman to be equal in any way’’,   she has just dissed many years of blood, sweat and toil by people who have fought and continue to fight for women’s right to; vote, hold public office, work, equal pay, own property, education, enter into legal contracts, have marital or parental rights etc.

When I read her interview with Punch Newspaper, I was really eager to read what other women had to say, here are some of my best comments from across the social media.

”Gender Equality does not imply that women and men are the same. It simply stands for equal opportunities for both genders. It bids for empowerment- equal values, equal chances, equal treatment; mostly directed at the work place’’ – Joy

”You cannot with one mouth reject gender equality and then show surprise when a man batters a woman in private, or harasses her in public, he does it not just because he is physically stronger, but because he believes he is superior to her’’ – Myne

”You can be submissive to your husband, man is the head and bla bla bla but that ain’t what gender equality means. Gender equality means a woman shouldn’t get paid less than a man just because she’s a woman (as long as they do the same job) A woman should be allowed to run for any office, and shouldn’t be stopped because she’s a woman. Those are what gender equality stands for…’’ – Anon

”At least gender equality to me doesn’t mean that I’m competing with my husband or that he’s not the head of the family, neither does it mean that I argue with him unnecessarily nor treat him poorly. What it means to me is that I’m as important as he is and he does not have more human superiority then I have’’ – Lorretta

”It is obvious that she does not understand what gender equality is. Gender equality means…that there should be no discrimination based on gender and that all genders have equal values and should be accorded equal representation and treatment unless there is a sound biological reason for different treatment. That is a Female and Male Teacher of equal qualifications should be remunerated equally; a female/male pilot should also be remunerated equally; females should be given the same opportunity to grow, progress, pursue their goals, desires or be promoted just like their male counterparts…..’’- linearity

”Omotola got her explanations right, but used the wrong term . No gender is superior or inferior to the other and we should all say NO to gender inequality and discrimination.’’ –

Writer – Olabisi Adeti

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