His Money is Ours, My Money is Mine – What Are The Financial Responsibilities Of A Wife?


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Money plays an important role in marriages, today’s world is fast paced and the status of an individual and the opportunities available to them is increasingly being determined by how much money they earn. There is a strong pursuit for prettier, bigger, flashier and costlier things of life, and a lack of the ability to keep abreast with peers may cause a lot of stress on marriage.

More than ever before, it is very important for couples to discuss money and all associated issues before they get married, and be sure they are on the same page.

One of the most important discussions every couple must have about money before they get married is the ”Who will pay for what?”

I was listening in on a very interesting conversation by a group of young men and women recently about the financial responsibilities of a man and woman in a marriage, majority of the women said men should pay for everything in the home and the woman should have the right to use her money as she pleases. Some of the men disagreed, a few agreed.

Two of the people having this discussion are dating and they both have different opinions on this issue, the lady believes her money should be only for her personal needs and upkeep, the man believes a woman should have more financial responsibility.

In a situation where they both work and what they earn about the same, what are the things the man should pay for are and what are the things the woman should pay for in a marriage? Let’s hear your thoughts on this.





    April 8, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    Both should contribute towards the family home. My reasons for say this is as follows: In most economies regardless of your social class, he most significant investment most families have as a unit is the family home. Legislation as it stands today, in the event of a marriage breakdown would spilt the assets of the family in two. If you review the Hansard, when these laws were created, they were created in the period when women did not work and a marriage breakdown meant a loss of support. Now that women work and can earn even more than their spouses ( I wont attempt to say there is no glass ceiling). it is only fair that the woman contributes money to the family home at the very least. Even if nothing else is contributed. While a fair judge would look unto certain factors such as children in the marriage to determine if the woman gave move in terms of dropping out of the work force to raise children for a while and as such the woman was disadvantaged career wise as she could have advanced all those years to determine the apportionment of the assets. The second is, while I know most women like to be completely independent with their funds, if you said the traditional vows, you would have said the same thing which includes the line “with my worldly goods I thee endow” if you both said that why is it that “what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine”. The third reason is that the mentality creates a vicious cycle and we would never see equality between male and female as that behaviour reinforces the current archetypes between male and female roles. It drags the whole issue of equality down. The additional responsibilities for the man would be a stumbling block to arguments for equal pay which I support by the way.

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