OUTSPOKEN: What Chioma Nwachukwu Knows About True Beauty Now That She Is In Her Twenties.


By Chioma Ugo Nwachukwu.

I have to admit that I am not exactly a beauty. I have acne on my face and short legs on my modest 4’11 frame. Plus, there are others short stumpy fingers and a massive nose. I spent a good part of my teens hating my look and making a mental note of how much money the plastic surgeon would charge to correct each flaw. 1 million for the nose…that would be taken care of when I finally won the lottery or came home one day to find that my fairy god mother had left a stash of money on my bed or some other crazier way. But it was taking way too long for that to happen and I cried, grumbled and was just plain miserable…

That was then, as I welcomed my twenties I realised that I need to look inwards and find something else, I might not have the look of a magazine cover girl but maybe I am just as awesome. I really doubt if there was ever a time when beauty was really in the eyes of the beholder because these days she has just one look, tall, slim and drop dead gorgeous. Either that or your fat, ugly and worthless. I tagged along with this for some time, but now I’ve found my worth, my true worth.

It’s not in my foundation, my six inch heels or my extensions but in me, Chioma. It’s in my abilities, in my smile, in the times I share with my family and in my relationship with others. No one needs to define who I am for me because I already did and it feels awesome. I have found true beauty and I hope you do too. In the end, all I can say is “thank God I turned 20”!

Writer : Chioma Ugo Nwachukwu.



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