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Cervical Cancer: 20 Minutes Can Save Your Life!


For two years I received periodic letters from my GP advising me on the importance of going for a cervical cancer screening test, I would read the letter and the pamphlets attached, and tell myself I will find time to go and do it. I never did, and never remembered until the next letter arrived and then I procrastinated again.

One day I went in to see the GP for something totally unrelated and she asked if I had done the screening, I said no, she said why, I smiled. She opened up the appointment schedule and told me all the available dates, this time I picked a date. It was a Friday, I went there straight from work, tired and exhausted. I almost postponed it again but I didn’t.

I went in to see the nurse in charge, she briefly explained what it is about and why I should do it, and then proceeded to carry out the test. In less than twenty minutes it had finished!  I asked her if that was it, she said yes. I got my test result few weeks later.

I felt quite stupid that I had postponed it for two years, all I needed was 20mins!

Cervical Cancer is said to be one of the easiest cancer to prevent, if the test is done on time, they can identify cells on the cervix that may become cancerous and take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Thank God the result of my test came out all good, but I just keep thinking that in the two years that I procrastinated, something that I could have prevented could have gotten so bad and taken my life!

January is the month dedicated to creating awareness about Cervical Cancer and I encourage you to take action today by finding out where to get the Cervical Cancer Screening and going for it.

Read more about Cervical Cancer and how to prevent it here

Written By Shola Okubote

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