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How Do I Deal With My Landlord’s Disturbing Noisy Sex?



I am a single mum of two who just moved into a one bed apartment after months of searching for affordable apartment in Lagos.

The first night we moved there, I was so tired, I slept like a baby. The next morning my six year old daughter told me she heard someone crying from the next flat during the night, I didn’t pay much attention to her.

The next evening, I was in the sitting room trying to unpack, and my two daughters where playing in the room, then they ran to the me and said the person is crying again, I went to the room and what I heard was shocking.

It was my landlord having sex with a woman and they were both making loud noises and uttering unprintable things to each other. Their window was opened and their light was on too. I rushed my daughters out of the room.

For one week after I didn’t hear anything again, until it started again. Morning, afternoon, night, midnight, this man brings girls home to have sex anytime of the day! He is a man in his fifties but doesn’t live with his wife or children.

My room’s window and his room’s window are almost opposite each other because the compound is very tight.

I talked to the two other occupants, who also hear the noise although not as much as I do, because their apartments are not so close to the landlord’s. They said it is common knowledge in the area and they have stopped talking to him about it and were just waiting for their rent to expire so they can move out.

I summoned courage and still went on to talk to him about it; one of the other occupants followed me. To my shock, he said if I can’t deal with it I should move out and forfeit my money. I just moved in and paid for two years!

The other occupants told me that the people living in my apartment before I came in, moved out because of his sexual noises before their rent expired!

Right now, I am sleeping in the sitting room with my daughters to keep them away from the noises, even during the day; I don’t allow them play by themselves alone in the room because the landlord can start his thing anytime. I am so angry but helpless, how do someone handle this kind of thing?

– By Anonymous

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1 Comment



    December 14, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    Dear Anonymous, sorry you have to deal with such a nasty an inconsiderate landlord. You should NOT feel helpless in anyway. What your landlord is doing is a form of PRIVATE NUISANCE! and especially with two kids the court will not tolerate it. Look for a Lawyer in Lagos there are so many out there still starting out and looking for clients and won’t overcharge you and sue the hell out of your landlord. Claim first trespass to your use of your room and lack of enjoyment of your property, next claim emotional distress damages for you and your kids especially since you just moved in. Claim that it is affecting your kids since they are too young to understand that crap, claim all the damages you can get. That will stop and chances are he would settle.

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