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I Am Not A Beefer, Or A Hater. Just A Critic.



I overheard my friends talking about me some time ago. They said I am a ‘beefer’ and a ‘hater’, and then they started stating examples of all the times I have criticised their ideas or something they told me.

I felt really bad because none of the things I criticised or questioned them about was out of hating on them; it wasn’t because I was envying them at all.

I am naturally inclined to question things objectively and rationally, that is why I excel at my work as a consultant. And the truth is, they know this, which is why they come to me for advice on everything they want to do too. Most times I am able to look beyond the fun fare surrounding the idea to pick out the potential pit falls and warning signs they should pay attention to before they start or as they go on.

Anyway, I was with another close friend recently and she was telling me her plans to sell one of her cars to meet up with the capital she needs to start this business someone just introduced her to in Ghana. As she was telling me about the business, I could see many reasons why her business approach will not work; it’s an industry I am very familiar with and I can even recommend people who can take her through the journey and help her fine tune her approach.

But, I was afraid to tell her what I think because I don’t want her to think I am beefing or hating, so I lied to her by cheering her on and telling her how it’s so fantastic and how I think it’s going to work out so well.

She is going to make an  investment  and about to sell one of her cars, it kills me but I don’t want to be labelled a beefer and hater.



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