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She Didn’t Want Ferrari, She Didn’t Want Designer, Now She Regrets



I was going through this website when I saw this post about a woman who was so desperate to marry that she didn’t care If the man had money or not. It made me remember what my friend is going through now and I decided to share this.

My friend and I go to the same church and our Pastor’s wife has been our mentor since we joined the church when we were in the University.

At every chance she gets, my Pastor Mrs is always sharing stories of how she got married to her husband when he was penniless, how he never worked for anyone for one day and even told her to resign her job before they got married, she says she is reaping the good fruits of supporting him now that they live in abundance.

She makes it look like marrying a rich or comfortable man is not a virtuous thing to do and many young women in the church believe her. They go with any mediocre guy that proposes to them in the church believing that one day they will share their own grass to grace story like Pastor Mrs.

When my friend met a banker who wanted to marry her, Pastor Mrs disapproved of their relationship, and she said as women of virtue we should start from the scratch with a man we want to marry, that she will be of no value to him in future if he already has everything before they got married.  The guy had a car and a furnished apartment.

My friend listened to her; she broke up with her banker boyfriend and called us materialistic for advising her against doing that. She eventually married one of the Pastor’s Personal Assistants, with approval from the Pastor Mrs.

Three years and two children after, she now regrets her action every day. He is content with serving in the church for a meagre and irregular salary and doesn’t believe in the pursuit of wealth. She knows he loves her but she wants more than the love, she wants to live well too, but she can’t say it out too loud because that will not make her a ”virtuous” woman.

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    1 + The One

    May 28, 2014 at 8:37 am

    Hmmm.. The interesting thing is that many people who sing that popular Davido song actually do want the Ferrari and the ‘designer’ lol.. I believe that a lot of women desire financial security. It may not even be ‘overflowing’ but at least meet the essential needs and then some. One of the most heartbreaking things for me is seeing a laid back man who doesn’t want to achieve more, be better and is just satisfied with ‘alright’… I’m sorry, I don’t see that as contentment, I see that as lacking ambition and in many cases being lazy! There’s a difference if you are trying really hard and nothing is forthcoming but to sit and watch your family languish because you are happy with little – nah!!
    The man should have remained single in my opinion!



    May 30, 2014 at 9:42 am

    I always say if she doesn’t want designer or ferrari, be afraid brother. She probably wants a jet. Why won’t I want ferrari and designer when Aye is not doing me?

    Ok jokes asides. We should learn that someone’s testimony is to encourage us, its not meant to be the script of our life too; it does not mean that is the path drawn for us or that we must tow. So it worked for Pastor Mrs. Good. Is it working for her?

    I love gold, fine things, I love to buy good stuff. I know where they sell them. But I can’t afford them now and I’m willing to wait for God’s time. However, I wouldn’t have changed my mind on my choice of huband cos he was too comfortable. What’s that? Bet babes just wasn’t too sure of what she wanted for herself.

    People always feel entitled to advisng and mentoring you. Its ok. Its however your duty to embrain yourself and take good advice.

    As for Pastor Mrs leaving her job? Good for her. But Lord knows all these drop your job cos hubby says so na serious matter. Make I no too talk. I have a whole book on this church issue, best to be quiet.



    December 15, 2015 at 12:46 pm

    To me, its OK to start little with a man,but how can u reject a man because he’s well to do? I mean who does that. Probably she had other reasons

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