Will You Let Your Fiancé’s Brother Represent Him at Your Wedding?



Scenario 1

It is one day before your traditional wedding; your finance just got a call to come for an impromptu interview. It’s his dream job; this would be the final interview after series of tests and interviews. As hard as he has tried, the interview won’t be rescheduled. Your parents and his parents can’t bear the thought of you sitting next to an empty seat, so they have all agreed that his younger brother will wear his clothes and be your groom for the traditional wedding.


Scenario 2

Your fiancée lives in the UK, he went in as a student but now needs a visa that would allow him stay back and work. He had put in his visa application many months ago but now it is one week to your wedding and there is still no response to his application. If he withdraws his application and comes to Nigeria without his visa, you will both be stuck in Nigeria, and that isn’t a risk his parent or your parents are willing to take. So, they agreed that his older brother should represent him at both the traditional wedding and church wedding. The vows will have your fiancé s name, but his brother will say them to you.

What will you do if you are in any of these situations? Cancel the wedding? Go ahead without a groom? Agree to go ahead with your fiancé’s brother?



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