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Your Sin is Bigger Than Mine!


judgemental lady

Even her prison cell could testify to her remorse, she spoke few words, and threw no tantrums, instead she prayed for forgiveness all day. She believed she deserved a decade of isolation and restraints, so she made no fuss about it, she had no countdowns pasted on the wall, and she had no secret wish for clemency.

Abigail once had it all together, being a teacher was all she knew how to do, and she did it with all her might. She spoke no evil, saw no evil, touched no evil and heard no evil. How can one human possibly build such a resistance against the depravity of these times?

But, you know, evil is like a bully that has been dared, when you slam the door, it will bang on the window, when you latch the window, it will go to the rooftop. It never gave up on Abigail until it found an entrance into her life.

Lust hacked Abigail’s morality code and her virtuous fortress crashed.  Her dam of emotions broke and she couldn’t have a hold on herself until she fondled the teenager; who did not resist, complain or report to anyone afterwards.

Abigail’s secret was safe with the teenager, but her own conscience abhorred such things, she had contaminated her spirit and had no peace until she went ahead to confess her sins. Her confession didn’t earn her forgiveness; it landed her in jail for ten years and christened her new fiery names – child molester, sex offender, and pervert.

A prison guard spat dirty words on her and called her a pervert. The same prison guard cheats on her husband and sells heroin to inmates.

A chaplain looked at her with disgust and hoped she would find no forgiveness from God. The same chaplain showed mercy to another hardened criminal who just gorged out the eyes of another man.

A fellow prisoner asked Abigail angrily, “how could you rob that innocent child of his innocence?’’ The same prisoner is serving a life sentence for the murder of many people.

Did you call them hypocrites? Pot calling Kettle black? Well, that’s what I thought too.

But aren’t we all hypocrites sometimes?

We call our boss “bitch” for being mean, yet we spit degrading words on our house helps,

We tag another woman a bad mom though our own children are spinning out of control,

We say homosexuals will rot in hell but we accept adultery as a norm; although it breaks heart, homes and lives,

We feast on the distress of others, ignoring the awful mess in our own lives.

When we fail to take a closer look at our lives before judging others, when we talk about the speck in someone else’s eyes though we have a log in our own eyes, when we lack objectivity and reality in dealing with other people’s life issues,  what we say circuitously is “Your Sin is Bigger Than Mine”.

Writer – Shola Okubote





    Shiro Kiiru

    February 2, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    A wake-up call to take a closer look at my log….nice read



    February 3, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Yes. We accuse others for doing the same things that we do to others. Maybe we forget? sometimes i like to call it selective amnesia. But yes, it is simply Hypocrisy. Great read!



    February 5, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    hmm…wake up call indeed!

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