Does Accepting His Impending Death Make Me Faithless?


By Sad Girl

My father is sick, he has cancer. After months of unsuccessful treatment, the doctors have laid it out straight for us, he’s got only a short time left. He knows it and he has accepted it. He keeps trying to tell us how he wants things to be done when he is gone, and all the things he wants to do with us to enjoy his last days before he dies.

The problem is that his brothers are not listening, they tell him to stop talking about it because he is not going to die. They said listening to him and accepting all he is saying means we have given up and accepted he is going to die. They won’t allow us to make him happy and have beautiful memories of his last days, they have barricaded him with prayer meetings, morning, afternoon and night, and they keep moving him from one church to the other. They said how can we be praying for the best and planning for the worst?

It’s just me and my two siblings, our mother left when we were young. I am really confused, I am a christian too and I believe in miracles but I also know that it doesn’t happen all the time. Am I being faithless for accepting it and wanting to say a proper goodbye to my father?

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  1. Hmmm….it will be difficult since you are not in control and your uncles are. In your own little way, try to give your dad peace and happiness.

  2. It’s a difficult situation, but you must develop a way to have quality time with your father and that may even help him feel a lot better while still alive. Pray and let your uncles see reasons that you need to show him love.

  3. I don’t believe you’re being faithless, and like Debby has said, find a way to spend time with your dad. pray for those opportunities to come up and make the best of them. Your dad is sure to appreciate that.

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