Is This What The Modern Nigerian Bride’s Engagement List Will Look Like?



In the days of old, engagement list items were fairly static, but perhaps differing in quantity and maybe quality. You would see the usual tubers of yam, palm oil, bible and suitcases full of fabric.

Well, the modern Nigerian bride is not being bound by tradition. You can peruse the engagement list of a yuppy bride and not find the tubers of yam and the bible.

But you may just do a double take when you come across “a white iPad mini”

Here are some of the items I have either seen on a list or heard about:-

  • Samsung S5 Phone
  • Louis Vuitton Bag
  • Louboutin Pigalle Shoes
  • Guiseppe Zanotti Sandals

It may seem somewhat mercenary or a shift away from tradition but I completely understand what these savvy young ladies are thinking.

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If her husband to be and his family must buy gifts for her, it may as well be something she wants and/or will actually use. What will she actually do with suitcases upon suitcase filled with lace or Ankara (which probably won’t be to her taste)? Why not get that gadget or handbag she’s been lusting after for months.

I believe this is the thought process of the modern Nigerian bride when it comes to her engagement gift list. I know I’ll certainly be doing the same when the time comes 😉

If you have the chance to alter your engagement list, will you? What will you rather have on that list?


Writer: Fikayo Giwa is the founder and Creative Director of the Simply Kayo brand, a boutique special events company specialising in creating luxury events for the discerning client. Fikayo is passionate about planning weddings, events and bringing together quality suppliers to pull off a seamless event. She loves making her clients’ dream events come true.

Picture: Kristabel Makeovers

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1 Comment

1 Comment



    May 15, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Really? That’s so interesting and …… Bold!

    I know for the Yoruba people, there’s just only a little portion meant for the bride, asides the bible and suitcase, she gets nothing. The family shares everything else.

    As for me, I’m quite conventional. I’d rather I got them as gifts from my husband and not something to include in the list.

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