Say What?! Married Women Are More Successful Than Single Women?



Mellissah Smith a marketing expert and author, recently published a controversial article on Linkedin. In her article titled “why married women are more sucessful” , Smith tried to convince readers that married women are more likely to have a successful career than their single colleagues.

Now, we all have read many articles on Married vs Single topics, but this one has been raising a whole lot of dust online, and rightfully so.

Read the article below and tell us if you agree with Mellissah Smith or not.

There are many advantages of being single; you can do what you want when you want, you will never wake to snoring, and you never need to get out of your pajama’s if you don’t feel like it.

You can kiss as many boys as you wish, decide on the spur of the moment to fly abroad, and eat baked beans on toast without having to consider anyone else.

If you are married; you need to consider your other half, compromise often, and ensure that a hearty meal is on the table each night. And your holidays, well, that’s a joint decision and more often than not it is highly likely that just one of you will do all the choosing.

There may be socks and towels left on the floor, the disgusting smell of someone passing gas, but hey, you will have a diamond ring on your left finger and be entertained endlessly by your single girlfriends who secretly envy your married status.

But in business it’s a clean cut story. Our married counterparts have the upper-

While us single girls are out drinking chardonnay each night trying to meet “the one”, our married businesswomen friends are focused on putting organization into their entire lives, living within an inch of a minute-by-minute calendar.

They go to work each day knowing that they need to fit as much into the day as humanly possible as they don’t want grief when they get home from spending too many hours in the office and “never having time” for the one they love.

Efficiently co-ordinating one task after another, they have goals and know how to reach them. After all they once wanted to get married and look where they are right now – married, with a‘bun in the oven’ and another clinging onto their hip.

There is no time to ‘chew the fat’ in the office, so they cleverly navigate office gossip and any small talk, going straight to the point, each and every time.

When they have had a tough day, they head home, “hubby” massages their shoulders andgives them a big hug, and ensures that they don’t have to think about a single thing. They know the value of keeping your grumpiness at bay!

In a meeting, they are not thinking about the guy they picked up last night, or the one that broke their heart. Instead, they know exactly what outcome they are looking for and have no distractions as to how to achieve anything they set their minds to.

A married woman, while she likes to look pretty, doesn’t waste endless hours shopping for the latest sexy dress that will ensure that every man in the room knows that she is there. She is wearing practical clothing that never distracts from the purpose of being in the workplace and getting through the day.

There is no weeknight hangovers, anxiety attacks over what to wear on their next date, or who is talking to who, when and where.

Quite simply, my married friends have it made. They have more time to focus on being successful, fitting more into the day then I would ever dream of.

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