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Ask Ada: I’m Trying To Stick With My Dreams But It Is So Hard!


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Dear Coach Ada,

I am starting a new career path but I’m not sure if it is the right decision. I got my B.S. in Nursing and had planned to be an RN but now I feel strongly that God is calling me in a different direction. The problem is that my family thinks I’m making the wrong decision (my new path is a bit unconventional) and my two best friends don’t understand why I’m doing this. I’m trying to stick with my dreams but it is so hard! I feel like I’m doing this alone and I’m upset that my family and best friends aren’t more supportive. How do I stay motivated with my new life plan when all I want to do is run back to my old job?

Signed, Patience


Dear Patience,

I sympathize with your situation, girl! It can be extremely painful when you feel convinced that God has placed a dream/vision within you and the ones closest to you don’t see it. I want you to know one simple truth that can help you overcome the loneliness you feel and persevere in your goals: The only person God gave your vision to is YOU. He didn’t send a subsequent memo to your family and friends. And the same applies in reverse. God did not give you the vision of anyone else’s life. In the beginning, it might be difficult for your family to see where you’re headed (because quite frankly to them it doesn’t make sense) but eventually, as you keep working diligently with faith in your dreams, your visions will come into fruition and they will understand, as well as support it. When we expect those we love to “get” our dreams the same time we do and they don’t, we get upset mainly because our ego’s desire for attention and validation isn’t met. The good news is your ego doesn’t have to run your life – accept that it is normal for your loved ones not to understand your visions in the beginning, find a mentor or support group (online/offline) in your field to help and encourage you to further your goals, and ask God daily to give you the courage to do what he wants you to do with your life. – Coach Ada

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Adaeze Diana Obiako is a personal vision coach helping young women, battling depression/hopelessness, discover their God-given purpose and start experiencing joy each and every day. She’s the founder and editor of which you can visit for spiritual insights on living and loving greatly. Check out a popular post, 25 Things Every Woman Should Know By 25, from the blog. Now it’s your turn to get some answers.



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