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Berry Dakara: My Very First Iro & Buba! (PHOTOS)



I don’t really wear that much traditional attire, and when I do, I prefer them as separates or in “Western” styles – pencil skirt with a t-shirt, or traditional top with jeans, etc.

It’s not that I don’t like them. It’s that going to look for materials, then getting a tailor to sew, and the waiting period where you think your tailor has kidnapped your outfit, etc just stresses me out. Anyway, the point of my rambling is that I finally got my very own, first, grown-up Iro and Buba! My girl, Stylefash would wear them day in and out if you allow her, and I just couldn’t understand why.

However, after this past Sunday, I must admit that I’m a convert. I’d like to buy bunches and bunches of material and make like 50!!! Please recommend places or businesses where I can buy good quality, but responsibly priced materials. This one was gotten from O and G, a new business owned by a family friend.

I’ll get her contact details and share here. I chose this print because of the peacock details and I thought the color would look fabulous against my dark skin. Do you agree? Without further ado…

My youngest sister Tambar and my photog for the day
“Daddy just wait, only 10 more pictures pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease”

natural hair
Shoes from DSW
berry dakara
We got home and decided to have a mini photo shoot with my hair all out!
asoebi bella naija
natural hair
iro and buba
berry dakara natural hair
This is my favorite picture of the bunch.
berry dakara
iro and buba
berry dakara
berry dakara

Okay, let me not lie. It’s not just the iro and buba that I’m showing off. I’m also showing off my NEW CAMERAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oya, you guys must admit that the pictures are very good! Shey you like?

Samsung NX300

Oh yeah, and my hair has finally reached APL. For those who aren’t into hair speak, that means Armpit Length. My hair is growing!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

berry dakara
Berry Dakara Instagram This was obviously taken using my phone :p


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