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Horrifying Stories Of Women Who Went Looking For Miracles At The ‘Synagogue’



Following the recent building collapse at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, many controversial stories about Prophet Joshua and his church  are being revealed.
Saturday Vanguard recently interviewed past and present members of the church on their search for healing and miracles from T.B Joshua.

Here is an excerpt from the report;

Awele, a breast cancer patient based in Lagos told Saturday Vanguard her experience at the Synagogue while searching for miracle. After series of tests, she had been told that her both breasts would go under the knife or she goes to join her ancestors in less than eight months.
She couldn’t believe that she was going to die so soon. She thought about the possibility of her only daughter becoming an orphan at 18. Amidst that awful verdict, she exuded faith and decided to seek a miracle at Synagogue.
“On visiting Prophet Joshua’s church I was directed to see any of the four Wise-men. (Saturday Vanguard last week wrote about the ‘four wise-men’). After discussing my case with the Wise men, I observed there were three other similar cases involving two men and one other woman. We were all kept in a room. Few days after, we were not attended to and I insisted on seeing the prophet himself.”
“But after three days, instead of the prophet, it was one of the wise-men that visited us and nothing was done.”
She said further: “About the fourth day of our stay in the church, we noticed that one of us died, we screamed for help!
When the members came, all they did was to take away the lifeless body of the man; we didn’t know what happened to him again. Not even a single word of prayer was said in our presence for the guy. The man didn’t return to the room, but his luggage was still there. Two days later, they visited the room again to check on us as they usually did that period. We asked after the man’s whereabouts and we were told that he had been healed and had left.”
Awele continued: “I sensed a lie because the man’s luggage was still with us and the man was taken away lifeless. So, if he was healed, he would have returned to pick his luggage and would have given testimony of the miracle. But we never saw him again. All this while, we were feeding ourselves while waiting to be touched by the servants of the Lord.
“Again, after a few days, one of us who complained of feeling very bad the previous night died the following morning. We shouted for help, like we had done in the previous case. The church members came to see what the problem was and took the lifeless body of this man away.
They didn’t return to tell us what had happened to the man, just like they did in the last case. But l knew that the man had died, as his body was very cold.”
“I felt that the story would be like the previous one, so, I waited for their next visit. When they visited again, I asked the whereabouts of the man they took away. They said that the man had gone home because he had been healed.
So, l asked the impossible question. “Why didn’t they come back for their belongings when they got healed?” Perhaps they didn’t believe that we would ever remember to ask because they were not prepared hence they were caught off-balance. They claimed the church had made provision for them to go home with new clothes, so, they did not need their old luggage.
There, l made up my mind to leave the Synagogue as soon as possible because there appeared not to be hope. I felt they were only waiting for us to die so that they could do away with our bodies. To me, I was convinced that the so- called miracle thing going on there is a big fraud.”
“I have decided to live my life as though it was the last because surely my end is near as I was told by my doctors. I don’t understand why some pastors claim to heal people when they can’t heal anybody,” Awele said.
Awele went back to the hospital for the breast surgery. She did not live to witness the collapse of Pastor TB Joshua’s hostel building two weeks ago. She died at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital shortly after the surgery.

“How I was deceived at the Synagogue mountain”
“I was invited by my sister in-law in the year 2011 to Synagogue church for healing and deliverance when I was having some problems which I would not like to tell you. So, when I got to the church, I was told that mothers whose children were below six years were not allowed to sit in the main church auditorium with their children.
Their reason was that since the program was always a live-broadcast, they would not like children to distract the camera men. They keep mothers and their kids at a separate place. If your kid is above six, they will register him/her to Children Sunday School. So, that very day, I went with my little daughter to the church. When we got to the church after observing all the protocols, we were kept with other mothers. So, suddenly, one of the wise men came to us and said that the man of God wanted to see all the nursing mothers and therefore, he ordered that all of us should be brought into the main church auditorium. When we came in, we were told to kneel at the alter for a prayer session.”
“While the prayer was going on, I fell under the power of anointing. After the prayer session, they came to all of us that fell during the prayer session and said that we would be going to the mountain for deliverance.
We were all booked for the mountain, when I told my sister in-law who invited me for the program, she congratulated me for being lucky saying that as far as I was scheduled to go to the mountain, all my problems had been solved.
“On that day, we assembled at the church premises where the bus came to take us to the mountain located in Agodo, Ikotun, area of Lagos state. The rule while going to the mountain was that, “you do not talk to each other when you get to the mountain.”
“The mountain is a riverside area just like a very long street. There were so many animals in the river. There were huts constructed with planks where people that came for deliverance at the mountain including the man of God stay. I asked them why did they choose this kind of place as the mountain, they said that was the place the man of God first stepped his foot when he was fasting to build the Church. Right there, we were asked to pick a red piece of paper which was passed round to others present.
On the piece of paper, some quotations from the Holy Bible were written on it and you will be asked to pick your choice for prayer. You will also be asked to buy the Holy water which goes for N5,000 and pray with it and it ends there. I did not get any deliverance, neither was there any miraculous changes on the issues that took me there.”
Again, Mrs Ruth revealed that, the deceit in the church was also discovered by her own brother who was based in Norway. According to her, one of the major criteria for seeing the man of God, especially if you are coming from outside the country, is that you will keep sending e-mail until you get a reply.
“My brother who is a Redeemed Pastor, based in Norway with his family, has his two children, his son and daughter, deaf and dumb right from birth. The man being ignorant of the procedures for seeing the man of God, flew into the country with his family with the hope of seeing the man of God for a miracle, but he was told he could not see the man of God since he did not get any reply to his mails. So, they were asked to go back and keep sending mails until they get a reply. The man went back and kept sending mails to see the man of God. When they eventually got the nod to come, they did not go with the kids.
The wife was scheduled to go to the mountain as well, but after going through all these processes of mountain and anointed water, the children still remained the same, nothing changed in any of them,”she explained.

Miracles are stage-managed
“A friend told me about prophet T.B Joshua in 2010 when my late son had swollen penis. He suffered for two years before I went to T.B Joshua. I took my son there and after a while, I was given a card to see the prophet. I was among several other people who were having problems.
In the deliverance and miracle section, the ailments were categorised into different parts, so, you were expected to go to your deliverance section.
“It was very tough before we could see the man. And because of the state of my son, we had to rent an apartment in the area so that we could keep close contact.
At about the time, there were about100 people waiting to see the prophet, yet we could not see the prophet after three months.
“I was helpless but I held on and believed that once I saw the man, everything would be fine. Everyday, my son was groaning in pains and we were not financially buoyant. So, we wanted to see the man at all cost so that my son would be healed.
“One the day, my son was asked to come for the deliverance, we came as early as 5am. I was anxiously waiting for the man, but he didn’t show up until 4pm. He was accompanied by his press crew and other people in his ministry. Ï saw the man, he saw my son, but he didn’t lay hands on my son. Ï called on him desperately but he ignored me and my son. Someone close to him said to me: “it seems the prophet wasn’t directed to heal my son. I was perplexed and asked why. But he later told me to come the next month. Perhaps, God will direct him to heal my son. I was disappointed and went back home.
“The next month, I went back to the church but to my surprise, I was asked to start the process of seeing the prophet all over again. I was devastated, I did not know what to do. At that time, my son’s condition had deteriorated. He shrunk and paled. I cried for help but nobody heard me.
A man told me to go and buy the anointing water and give my son. I bought the anointing water and gave it to him but nothing happened. Instead of my son to be healed, he was getting worse by the day. At that time, there was nobody to help me. I tried all I could to get to the man, all to no avail. Then, I went back home and started praying to God to save my son. Unfortunately, the boy died after two weeks.
Since, then, I have decided not to go back to that man’s church because there’s nothing called miracle there. What you see are all stage-managed miracles.”

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