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Book Review: Get U.G.L.Y By Adaeze Obiako


Review by Uke Oshaka

The author of Get UGLY, Adaeze Diana Obiako is a personal vision coach helping young women, battling depression/hopelessness, discover their God-given purpose and start experiencing joy each and every day. She’s also the founder and editor of Deserve Your Great Life

I have come across so many inspirational books but this book spoke to me and it is a book everyone can relate to. At some point in everyone’s life we all struggle with accepting our appearance like the author.

We all look up to celebrities. In our world, the way the celebrities look is the perfect and ideal way to look. Their thin figure, hair dolled up, their makeup always on point and the way they dress is what we all try to emulate and we forget who we are. We even go as far as doing plastic surgery, bleaching our skin and being so artificial to look like celebrities so we can be accepted and feel good about ourselves. We forget we are all uniquely special.

The author writes about her personal experience with low self esteem and her struggle to accept herself. Her struggle started in high school she was not accepted and felt unpretty. This stage was on till she finished high school. When she got to College it was a different experience.  Some boys started noticing her, they complimented her and found her attractive. Still she was not satisfied. She even felt more insecure and did not understand why only some boys liked her and others did not. She did not understand the meaning of preference and she did not understand that there was more to life than being pretty and hot. She had not realized that it did not matter who finds you pretty.

She goes on to write about ten tips to begin living a great life. Teaching us how she overcame low self esteem. U.G.L.Y is a must read book. I love the book because it teaches a lot. Most importantly it taught me your worth does not lie in your looks.

Ladies if you are finally ready to discover who you are, whose you are and what your purpose is , this book is for YOU. Do you think you deserve a great life? Read U.G.L.Y it gives you ten tips to begin living a great life. Download Get Ugly FREE

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