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Who Loves You?


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The other day I watched Oprah’s Next Chapter interview with 50 Cent. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, 50 is a cool dude, very calm and mature.

There was however, something Oprah asked 50 that hasn’t left me, I keep thinking about this question because I think it’s probably more important than a lot of us realise.

“Who loves you?”

Not, who do you love but rather– who loves you? Like, who would really have your back through thick and thin no matter what?

I thought about this question which lead me to think of various scenarios and try and insert the people in my life who I believe would realistically be there for me in a dire situation. Fortunately, I can say with confidence that aside from my Family, I have a few friends who I genuinely believe will be in my life no matter what.

For some reason though, the thought of that question really scares me…I guess it’s just the uncertainty of whether the people you love feel the same way about you and the truth is, you can never really know for sure..

I feel that as we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to find people you can trust and who will be there for you no matter what but we can’t deny how important it is to have these people in our lives. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the pursuit of our goals and all sorts of things that we neglect our interpersonal relationships and may have to face the unsettling reality that we are actually much more alone than we thought.

Who loves you?

The answer to that question will always be a sobering reality check on what is really important in life and how we’ve prioritised.

Writer: Ajoke is the owner and creator of http://ajciti.com where she blogs about a variety of topics including beauty, hair, culture, and personal development

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