African Women Not Happy With Jamie Oliver’s New Version Of Jollof Rice?



Many Nigerians and Ghanians have reacted on social media to Jamie Oliver’s new version of Jollof Rice.

The English celebrity chef, restaurateur and media personality published what he called Jamie’s Jollof Rice Recipe on his website, with new twists that most African jollof lovers are not happy about.

Here are some of the comments on his website;

What is hell is this. I am a west african woman and I find this extremely offensive. You have taken years of my west african culture and slaughter it with your makeshift recipe. Bye

My people. Let’s CALM DOWN over this rice recipe, and just be happy that our beloved jollof got a little shine! haha! 🙂 I’m reading these comments and seriously laughing! People are invoking their dead ancestors, and words like “bastardize” are being thrown around. lol. Let’s relax…it’s just rice.

My dear Sir, this(whatever this is) is ABSOLUTELY NOT Jollof Rice…you can call it “rice cooked in chicken broth” or something but definitely NOT Jollof Rice. Don’t use your limited (more like NON-EXISTENT)knowledge of a people’s culture to bastardize their food and then proceed to slap their name on it. It is just not done….

Please don’t appropriate my culture to sell your wares. Why don’t you
give some space for the up and coming African chefs, many of them
Ghanaians, to put this recipe out there for the masses and get
themselves some exposure in the process.

Coriander, parsley and lemon wedge? You done craze we don’t use that crap and we blend our tomatoes and peppers not eat it whole. Where is the curry powder, thyme, crayfish powder and maggi cubes? Chai Diaris God o. Don’t put twist to centuries of tradition stick with your English food before I send Shango, Ogun and Obatala to smite you shio

Eh, this man has no fear oh. Charlie, let me tell you this: you can take slaves away from the coast, colonise us, give us aid and take our oil and mineral, refuse us a visa, look down on us but if you touch our jollof rice, walaiyi, there would be war, brimstone, fire and pestilence deadlier than Ebola! So Jamie, next time think hard before you touch a West African’s food!

I’m proud to see this in all honesty. It’s nice when people try something different and attempt at understanding different foods and cultures. I’m mortified that some people feel it appropriate to make threats and slurs, it’s absolutely ridiculous and it needs to stop. I’m 100% sure that everyone who cooks/eats Jollof Rice cooks it a different way and expects it to taste different. I’m a British Nigerian and I’ve tried all sorts of Jollof, Ghanian Jollof is actually quite different to Nigerian Jollof. So does that make Nigerian Jollof wrong? I mean, where does it stop? I’m sure that if tables were turned and a West Africa-born chef posted a recipe for ‘A Roast Dinner’, but put a spin on it, and people called him or her a ‘fool’ and said he or she ‘bastardised’ the recipe, many would accuse them of being racist…

Read recipe and more comments here

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