It Is Not An Urban Myth! This Is Why People Get Stuck Together During Sex



Italian newspaper, Il Mattino recently reported the story of an Italian couple who got stuck while having sex on a Porto San Giorgio beach. They were taken to a hospital, where the woman was given an injection used to dilate the cervix of pregnant women.

Penis captivus, meaning “captive penis”is not an urban myth, it happens when  muscles of the vagina clamp around the penis when it is still engorged with a strong force that makes removal virtually impossible.

On a BBC show in February some listeners called in to share their story;

“I must tell you it is no myth,” wrote one woman who asked to remain anonymous. “It happened to my late husband and myself one night. He literally could not withdraw, i.e. was ‘stuck’.

“I attributed it to the intensity of the vaginal muscle response during orgasm.” Another listener wrote to say he had heard a tale of it happening to an American airman stationed in Britain who had to call an ambulance to have his genitals extracted

The BBC quoted Dr John Dean, a senior UK-based sexual physician, to explain the science behind Penis Captivus;

“When the penis is in the vagina it becomes increasingly engorged,” he says, giving his hypothesis of what causes the problem.

“The muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm. While those muscles contract, the penis becomes stuck and further engorged.

“Finally the vaginal muscles relax, the blood flows out of the penis and the man can withdraw.”


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