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Wife Finds Out She Is The Side Chic!



I will not stop ranting about the evil that some men put women through! No, seriously some men are simply nothing but pure evil.

How can a man be so wicked to marry a woman (church and traditional marriage kwa o!), house her, father a child or children with her and still the woman will know nothing about this so called husband.

It happened to a friend of mine. She got married to a man we could describe as a devoted and kind family man. The man is always forming busy, he comes back late from the office and sometimes even sleeps over at the office. My friend had no cause to suspect as she gets money from him very well! Besides, they occasionally had family outings (the husband always tried to make time out for the wife and children). Even his phones never had any suspicious texts as she checks constantly.

My friend had 3 children for him, 2 boys and a girl. Her husband did everything any responsible husband would do for his family. The only thing she found bothersome was that sometimes when she called him, he would say he was in Lekki and this had gone on for years. She wonders what her husband is always doing at Lekki because she knows his office is situated in Onikan. She asked him but he really didn’t give any concrete answer.

Presently my friend is pregnant for with her 4th child and she attends antenatal clinic at Lagoon Hospital in V/I. As she finished her antenatal around 2pm and was leaving the hospital, she saw her husband’s jeep, inside it was another lady who appeared pregnant. They were heading towards Lekki. My friend, action lady that she is (I don’t have dulling friends) abandoned her own jeep, took an okada and followed them reach to their destination.

Their destination was Chevron Estate. Wow! Come see house! My friend stayed at a corner and was watching them! First, her husband came out, followed by the heavily pregnant woman. Just when she thought she should start wondering about the whole scenario, two children came out of the house they shouted “Daddy welcome! Mummy welcome!”.

These children we are talking about were older than her own kids by roughly between eight and five years. Her first child is 6 year old while this woman’s first is roughly 13 or 14 year old!

To cut the story short, her husband had been living a double life! Everything was double double! House double, phones double, car double, children double! To make matters worse, she found out that she is actually the second and fake wife!

You can imagine what happened next!

For me the moral of the story is that, ” One day, monkey go go market and e no go return” or “Everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner” or  “One day wind go blow and fowl yansh go open!”and finally “Nothing is hidden under the sun”…so choose the one you like.






    October 26, 2014 at 8:35 am

    How wicked man can be



    October 28, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Hmmm is it really possible not to know? I mean, a whole other family in the same city?



    November 16, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    When did this happen? When bikes were still allowed to roam the highway or recently? And do they let people into chevron estate like that.
    Pls try to ‘juice’ your story up with solid facts next time.

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