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These Are The 18 Shocking Truths Life Has Taught Me



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I made a list of some of the shocking truths life has taught me just in case anyone out there would learn something from it. And I would have you know that these are truths that have been proven through experience (mine and others), and I can vouch for them.

So here we go:

Quitters sometimes win. As long as they are quitting a ‘bad’ idea.
You must have heard the popular saying, ‘Winners never quit’. I completely disagree!
I once tried to become a chartered accountant. I got fed up with my studies within three months, but I told myself that if I just persisted, I’d eventually love it. I didn’t, and eventually I told myself the truth and quit. You can’t turn a bad idea into a super idea, no matter how persistent you are. The wise thing to do is to quit and move on to a smarter idea.

Don’t buy anything except you can afford it.
This is definitely a tough one for many of us. Want that 42’’ PlasmaTV? Wait until you have enough cash to pay for it. Want to take a much needed vacation with your family? You better wait until you have saved up for it. So what are credit cards for? Don’t do it!! If you need something, make a budget, stick to it and save towards the goal you have. If you ever feel like violating this, DON’T. Trust me, I have been there, and I almost always regret it.

Don’t fret so much about other people’s opinion.
I once heard someone make a statement that set off the light in my brain. He said, ‘You do you, and I do me’. So true. We sometimes get so obsessed about other people’s opinions that we lose sight of where we are even going to. So the rule I am proposing is this: Know what you want to do, but get rid of the pressing need you have to justify it to others or wondering what they would think about it.
In other words, it’s fine to just have a bright idea that others may not buy into. That’s their opinion. Don’t fret about it. Just believe in yourself.

If you want to lose weight, you definitely need to eat less food.
Most people love food (I think), especially those who need to lose weight.
So, they are not very receptive of the advice to eat less if they want to lose weight. So, they keep eating and simply exercise more. I tried it after my first baby. I continued eating as much as I wanted, but I exercised aggressively. Yet, my weight refused to budge.
Then, I did what I should have done all along. I started eating less. I cut off dinner after 7 p.m and eliminated all dangerous and fatty foods from my diet. Then I started to lose weight. Less Food + Exercise = Weight loss

The best way to be a millionaire is  to start your own business.
It’s amazing how many people rush into business for themselves hoping to become millionaires in a couple of months. They have no idea what owning a business involves and their marketing strategy stinks. Sure, owning a business will make you rich but only once you learn the ropes and offer excellent products/services that people cannot resist. Only then should you think of becoming a millionaire.

Money will not solve all my problems
How dare I say that? After all, money makes the world go round, right?
Money is great and all, but would it buy you a family and true love? Would it give you peace and happiness? Would it get you job satisfaction? Many people will argue otherwise, but I stand by it: Money will not solve all your problems!

Most Ignorant people don’t know they’re ignorant, and never will.
If you’re stunned at someone’s ignorance and really feel the need to show them the light, don’t bother to try. It may be obviously-obvious to you that you should pull your trousers down before peeing right into the toilet bowl, but they’re never going to have that revelation.
They may do it if you remind them, but they will never think, “Wow, how could I have been so dumb?’

Most people are just plain lazy.
People say they want to make some kind of a change in their lives.
They do some research. They get good, solid advice. They pay the fees. They buy the books.
Then they do nothing. NOTHING! And it absolutely drives me crazy!
In most cases, failure is due to nothing but plain laziness. It’s an ugly truth, but it’s the truth, all the same. Most people don’t want what they claim to want badly enough to actually put in the work required to get what they claim they want.



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