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What Doesn’t Kill Me Had Better Start Running!



I am sure most of us have experienced loneliness, heart breaks, losing friends (who are not dead), broken dreams and the likes.
There’s no biggie. It’s a way of life.
Personally I think we look so much at the bad aspects and all the suffering we go through that we fail to see the silver lining. So today, I am going to list out 5 amazing points that we learn and should focus on when we experience these necessary moments in our lives.

You do not need anyone to be complete.
I don’t know why people go around looking for people to complete them. Are you a sentence? I know I’m not half of anybody and I didn’t come into this world to complete you so chill out. This is one important lesson we learn. That we can go on. That life goes on. We make physical connections, we make emotional connections, and we make all sorts of connections. But the one mistake I find most making is looking for misplaced connections for example, looking for a spiritual connection from a human. It’s just like hoping that your pet dog will talk so that you can understand it. We are all born whole.

Where there is crisis, there is opportunity.
It’s like two sides of the same coin. There is opportunity to grow, there is the opportunity to discover and examine who you really are. You could choose to focus on the crisis and play the victim or you could choose to focus on the opportunity and take advantage of it.

You know what you really want.
Every decision we make is usually influenced by the voices in our head. You have your own voice and you have every other voice that you have given the microphone. Some people have their voices on the back seat while some other voice holds the microphone, and these voices become our everyday actions and speech. The fact that there was conflict means that you either know what you really want or you are letting someone’s idea of what you should want influence your decisions. Whichever way, being faced with yourself now, you can truly answer those questions. It’s a gift that being struck by a sense of loss offers. Your voice finally has a chance to speak.

It’s like digging for gold.
Some abilities are only discovered after digging and digging and digging. In the search for who you really are, it’s these moments that are the most effective in helping us on our journey. You could decide to try your hands at what you wouldn’t look at on a normal day, you could find fulfilment in a job or hobby you least expected you would. You could do absolutely anything!

You did not die.
There’s a remix of a popular saying; “What doesn’t kill me had better start running”. All of a sudden it seems like you can take on the world. You came out winning, you came out more confident. It’s a start and you should congratulate yourself but don’t relax because after all, we make plans then life happens.

Life is all about learning and the moment we stop learning, we die. Everyone appreciates gold but not the fire it went through to become what it is. What about you?

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