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You Are Not The Only Busy Person, Shut Up And Get On With Life



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How many times have you given these excuses?

‘’I am so sorry, I’ve been busy.”

“Sorry I didn’t call you back. I’m just so busy with…”

“Apologies, but I can’t make the party. I’m so busy with…..”

“I’ve been too busy to finish the report…”

You are busy? Get over yourself.

We know you are busy. That’s life. That’s the story of most of our lives. We are busy. We have to be. We have jobs, we have businesses, we have kids, we have relationships, we have family, we have bills to pay, we have commitments, and we have blogs. So in summary, we have a life.

So it irks me each time I hear someone complaining about being busy. It seems to be the typical anthem being sung for just about any reason. We sing it when we want to get out of a commitment we have made. We use it when we want to apologise. We use it when we just want to duck out of some function.

It’s almost as if we have become victims to ‘busyness’

But you know what? We are not victims at all.

Whatever is on your plate got there because you put it there! Your plate is as full as you want it to be.

Think about it. How did your plate get so full? Why did you agree to chair that meeting knowing you had an important report to work on? Why did you squeeze in another appointment knowing that you had a doctor’s appointment? Why did you allow your boss to increase your target knowing your hands were already full with your current job demands? Why? Why? Why?

Yes, I agree. Sometimes life strangles us with its unrelenting demands. But sometimes we just bite off more than we can chew…and end up choking on it. And sometimes we just want to appear…well….busy.

Bottom-line: Busyness is a choice!

Stop using it as an apologetic armor

So what do you tell ‘em when they ask why you can’t add more to your already full plate?

Don’t panic. Tell them the truth. Don’t whine the ‘I have been busy’ anthem. Just tell it as it is.

Let them meet you holding the bag of truth rather than whining the busy anthem.

They will understand. I know I would.

Do you have your plate full? Have you been singing the busy anthem?

After today, change your song.

Do you have any suggestions on how to handle the ‘busyness’ of life? Please share with the community.


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