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How New Mums Can Overcome The ‘What To Wear’ Palaver



The single most important thing I have implemented this year is wearing more dresses, and not just when I’m going out.

The easiest way to look put together is to wear a dress. This is because a dress is only one item of clothing, you do not have to look for matching bits and pieces. Wearing a jeans, or skirt, you have to look for a top that matches, and if you are like me, with a hectic lifestyle and demanding children, you just want to keep it moving and haven’t got time to waste matching clothes most days.

Since I started wearing more dresses, I look and feel more put together and I get more compliments, people think I put in a whole lot of effort, and yet I don’t.

If you are a busy mum and you think a dress is not practical, let me encourage you to look out for practical yet cute dresses. There are dresses which look good, and which you can breastfeed in.
I typically dress up my dresses with a belt, to define my postpartum body. You can layer a cardigan on your dress or as shirt underneath it. I try to get dresses with a bit of detailing around the middle.

Here is the thing.

If you look good, you will feel good. If you feel good, you will feel happier. If mummy’s happy, everyone is happy.

Taking care of yourself and your own needs is a priority (I should take my own advices sometimes)

Looking put together gives you a boost of confidence and helps you become a better worker.

So try wearing a dress tomorrow and see how that makes you feel.



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