Women Say Yes, Men Say No. Here Is The Question Asked



After watching the video below, I was highly amused and intrigued by the fact that every single guy in the video answered in the negative. While yes, it is possible that the producers edited it to give a biased view; I do think that it probably is a lot closer to the truth than many guys would care to admit.

I immediately got on Skype with one of my good male friends who is in a very committed long term relationship, and asked him what he thought about it. My friend, hummed and haa-ed about it and refused to give a definitive answer. Then, he launched into one of his long speeches peppered generously with complicated words that he is famous for and I left the conversation more confused than when I had first started it.

Further attempts to get an opinion form other guy friends were met with blank stares, shrugs, indecipherable mumbles and some outright avoidance strategies.

I just simply couldn’t understand it. Why weren’t they giving me a straight forward answer? I am not quite vain enough to think that every guy out there who happens to be my friend is secretly, madly in love with me. Indeed, that would be a very scary prospect. So I find it a bit hard to understand why I couldn’t get the kind of feedback from them that I wanted.

Then I remembered, I could put it out there as an open question, and surely, there will be a brave man or two who will boldly, without reservations or fear of chastisement, seeing as they more than likely don’t know me at all in real life give me honest and valid opinions.

So this is an invite to all men (and women) to please kindly share their thoughts on this issue. I’d be more than pleased to hear what you think.

Oh and for the record, I suspect that men and women interpreted this question in two different ways.

I think women processed the word friend, as a number of people with whom they are on familiar terms with, ranging from the guys in their class/office with whom they occasionally trade friendly banter with, to Johnny, the guy who has lived down the road from them since they were five and who has attained the status of being referred to as a ‘cousin’.

While men, processed the word friends as a specific person or small number of females with whom they spend a considerable amount of time with in Informal and/or social settings.

I may be wrong.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, watch the video below

1 Comment

1 Comment



    January 19, 2015 at 10:44 am

    Video not clear but, assuming the question is ‘Why men and women can’t be friends?”

    Well, i would say, the question is not correct because it give the impression that tis a fact that men and women cannot be friends. The correct question (in my opinion) would be “Can men and women be (platonic) friends?” The answer is Yes.

    The answer ‘Yes’ does not in anyway presupposes that a man might not (at sometimes) have desire to have intimate/ relationships with some of their women friends they are attracted to. However, for them not to voice the idea is because they have differed to the realistic voice of reason within themselves.

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