Atilola Moronfolu: You Are What Is Wrong With Marriage  



If you keep asking your daughter every day, “so when are you bringing him home?” you are what is wrong with marriage.

If you keep pressuring single ladies with statements like “so when are we eating the rice?” you are what is wrong with marriage.

If you keep asking your 33 year old single friend or cousin “when are we wearing aso ebi?” you are what is wrong with marriage.

If you keep telling your daughter to hurry up, because most of your friends’ daughters are already married, you are what is wrong with marriage.

If a lady comes to you for advice because her fiancée/boyfriend is abusive in anyway, and you tell her to grow up, and count herself lucky because she has a man who is even interested with her, you are what is wrong with marriage.

Marital status is not a social status.

Singleness is a state, not a disease, so don’t rush or pressure single women into marriage, and treat them like something is wrong with them.

When they react to your pressure, and get married to the wrong person, you will be nowhere to be found when the bubble bursts.

The marriage is about the person, not you. We know you are itching to join the AWMD (Association of Women with Married Daughters). We know you can’t wait to attend one more wedding, but why should that single lady suffer for your desires. Are you so party-starved that you can’t afford to wait? The wedding you so much want to attend will last just a few hours, while her marriage will last a life time. Let her think straight while making her choice. Your pressure and snide remarks are not allowing her to do that.

Stop pressuring single ladies. Stop asking them for wedding rice. If you are hungry, go and cook your own. Stop asking to wear useless Aso Ebi. That tradition should even be banned; it’s been abused for way too long. Also, you already have enough in your wardrobe. Stop passing snide comments to single ladies, or asking stupid questions. Stop it! Most of them want to get married, so they don’t need you to remind them with your indirect questions. Stop contributing to what is wrong with marriage today.


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1 Comment

1 Comment



    January 19, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Hmm, the flip side of the coin.
    Any and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Which also means, they have the liberty to ask any of those questions; however, we do ourselves great injustice when we feel that if our sincere answers are not in consonance with the expectations of the person asking, we come across as not fulfilled.

    When we try to justify “Why we are not married yet?” in defense of the question then, we (ourselves) are the problems not the person asking.

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said (and rightly too) that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

    So, next time you are asked; why ain’t you married? Simply reply with your reason(s) rather than getting defensive. A simply reply from you, makes you confident while a defense makes you feel inferior.

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