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7 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Fat In Your Tummy



You keep eating too much at night
I can’t believe it when I see someone complaining about their belly fat, but they will sit down and eat amala at 10:00 PM, and then to top it off they will wash it down with a bottle of Fanta, and maybe even have some suya when they’re done with that. Then they will complain that their stomach isn’t flat. If you are eating at 10:00 PM, and then you’re going to bed soon afterwards, where does your body have the time to burn off all of those calories that you just inhaled?! It’s going to sit there, and collect in your mid region. And then you will repeat the cycle the next day, and the same thing will just keep happening.  If you can’t control how much you eat, at least try and control WHEN you eat. Trust me, I have my moments too, so if I know I am going to eat a lot, I just don’t eat right before bed.  Make sure you wait at least 3 hours before sleeping, if you’re going to eat a heavy meal.

You do a lot of cardio exercise, but you don’t bother lifting weights  and sit ups
Okay running helps you lose calories while you’re running. And that’s great, yay you’re burning calories! BUT, that’s not enough. You need to do some abdominal work outs as well. Because when you work on your abs/ muscular endurance, that not only burns calories while you work out, but it burns calories up to 3 days later, because it causes necessary micro tearing in your stomach region (this is good, lol I know the word ‘tearing’ sounds scary), forcing you to keep burning calories for a longer time.

You Don’t Sleep Enough
You would think that being awake and moving around means burning more calories, yeah it does.. but did you know that lack of sleep actually causes hunger?! When you don’t sleep the hormone “ghrelin” is released into your blood stream, and it tricks you into thinking that you’re hungry.

Too much Fanta, too much Coke, too much of whatever else you’re drinking that is full of sugar!
Try drinking water, better yet, try drinking water with lemon slices in your glass. It’ll help you to get rid of bloating. I actually cheat and put orange slices in my water.. It’s not as potent as lemon slices, but I just prefer the taste.

You like salty things
Too much salt is not only bad for your heart, but it makes you bloated. First the salt sits in your blood stream, but after it saturates your blood stream it moves itself underneath your skin. Making you bloated, which makes your stomach puff out. I know it’s hard. I love adding salt to my foods.  Try using sea salt, it doesn’t taste as good though. I won’t lie to you, but it is healthier.

You keep throwing back the liquor
I think this one is obvious. We’ve all seen what happens when someone likes to drink a lot. They get that stereotypical beer belly. Lol, don’t let that be you. If you have like a glass of wine or something once in a while, it won’t hurt you. Just don’t drink a lot, try and avoid it as much as possible.

The cold hard truth…You need to exercise more!
I will do an updated post on how to lose weight without exercising, but honestly, you lose the weight a lot quicker when you exercise, and on a consistent basis! And by exercise, I mean really working hard. You should literally be drenched and covered in sweat.  I know it’s gross, but every time I’m done working out at the gym, I am extremely sweaty because I push myself to my limit the entire time.  I just zone out and listen to my music or watch the television set.  Just get like a really motivational and fast paced playlist, and daydream.  The time seriously goes quickly.


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