These Are 8 “Advantages” Of Getting Married Early



A guy I used to know actually put this up on his blackberry ‘I’m tired of all these lagos girls that age like milk‘. That was the day I began to unlike him.

The reason for this post is to highlight the “advantages” of marrying early. All my female readers, especially those below the age of 26, kindly take note.

  1. No idiot will indirectly tell you that you are aging like milk.
  1. No family member will abuse you saying ‘your shakara too much, you never really ready to settle yet‘ all because you refused to date a man without a job one aunt is trying to match make you with.
  1. Your single status will not be the prayer point in every family function.
  1. You will not be doing character check every time you have a smart retort for some nonsense some man has spewed from his mouth all in the name of ‘be polite, you never know if he is the one
  1. You will not be abused for uploading pictures of yourself by friends and family who point it out to you that your married friends upload pictures of their family members while you are busy posing on your dp alone
  1. You will not mentally count your remaining eggs after every monthly flow…
  1. You will not be the one in the family they tell ‘my daughter will soon be too big to be your little bride ooo
  1. You will not be the one people greet every time they see you with a hand shake and words of  ‘this year is your year, we will come and eat your rice

The list is endless. You know more advantages of marrying early in Nigeria? Please share with us


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    January 7, 2015 at 7:07 am

    Is this a serious or sacarstic article? Lol



    January 14, 2015 at 1:52 pm


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