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Are Your Bridesmaids Paying For Their Dresses?



I don’t like being a bridesmaid for many reasons. I am very particular about the style of the dress – I do not want a dress that leaves little to the imagination, it should also not be yellow so I won’t look like Big bird the character from the Sesame Street show, and the dress has to be either long or knee length. I also hate it when the bride makes us wear heels, and it is worse if she is a bridezilla.

Can I also add that I would prefer my make up to be subtle, and I would not like my eye shadow to match my dress?

Also, as a bridesmaid, you are in the spotlight  I hate it when I am in ‘full view’ – Not that people give a ‘shit’ about me. Who do I think I am? The queen of England? Clearly note, but that is not the issue.

One of the topics that featured on Facebook the other day was, ‘Are your bridesmaids paying for their own outfits or are you picking up the cost ? (Courtesy of Brides Magazine).

When I am about to get married, I will not mind paying for my bridesmaids outfits for some obvious reasons – I love uniformity and I would love them to wear the same clothes, makeup, hair, shoes, etc (Sorry to be unnecessarily selfish – I am the one paying).

Find below some of the comments to the above topic:

If I had the funds for it yeah I would but unfortunately as of right now they have to pay for their own but nothing too expensive. It will just look that way

My bridesmaids are paying for their own. Having to pay for everything else is already a hassle, and I can’t afford it. And everyone I know that has gotten married has had the bridesmaids pay for their own.

I think if you can’t pay for them then you shouldn’t ask them

Mine paid for theirs and I am paying for my bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding. When I asked them they knew they’d have to pay from the start and still said yes as they really wanted to be a bridesmaid and in the wedding. Weddings are very expensive and people saying don’t ask if you can’t afford it isn’t helpful and makes others feel bad. Not everyone has the luxury to do that because if everyone could pay for the dresses the question wouldn’t be out there!! I would never expect the bride to pay for my bridesmaid dress!

I have always paid for my own dress in every wedding I have been in (5) so yes my girls are paying for their own. But they are also picking them out.

They are paying for their own I explained the situation to them from the start and they we’re more than happy to pay for their own they had 2 years to save and I’ve kept costs as low as poss & I’m paying for their hair & accessories

Don’t ask people to be bridesmaid if you’re not willing to pay ….if you don’t have the money you shouldn’t be getting married  you can do a private ceremony that does not involve others, if you ask people to be involved pay for them! what you spend is individual choice u can spend very little if u choose!

I will be paying for everything. In my opinion and maybe everyone should just take a chance and listen to what I am saying. YOU are asking people to be in YOUR wedding. Why should they have to pay to be in YOUR wedding? Give it some thought. The only thing they should pay for is if they choose  to stay in a hotel and their gas to get wherever.

Same if you were to have a destination wedding. I can tell you right now, no matter how much someone means to me unless you are paying for my plane ticket I’m not going. Obviously you chose a destination or a wedding that needs to follow strict fashion, colors etc then you should give them options and pay. Not them.

After all they’re YOUR GUESTS and they don’t have to go. So again put that into some thought. There are many ways to make your wedding cheaper on the budget you just have to open your greedy little bridezilla eyes and come down to reality and not fall into the pit of debt because you want things a certain way and the big dream wedding you’ve always wanted!

FYI: I have been a bridesmaid thrice, and I paid for all my outfits

Are your bridesmaids paying for their own outfits or are you picking up the cost?  Thoughts?


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