OUTSPOKEN: You Can’t Be Over 20 Years Old And Still Keep Blaming Your Parents Over The Way You Turned Out



Just in case you are over 20 years old and you still complain bitterly about your parents and you still say stuff like:

“My mum/dad is just miserable. He is too stingy with money”
“My mum/dad never had time for me”
“My mum/dad abandoned us when we were young leaving us to suffer”
“My mum/dad just wrecked my life.
They pushed me to studying medicine when I would have loved to study fine arts”

All these and many more are some of the things I hear people, especially young adults say. According to J. K Rowlings, “There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you”. You can’t be over 20 years old and still keep blaming your parents over the way your life has turned out.

What you make do with your life is your responsibility. Own it

Let me tell you about my dad. He had really looked forward to having a sound education growing up. After he had finished primary school, he needed ten naira as school fees to enter secondary school. His father told him he couldn’t afford it, meanwhile his dad’s younger colleagues at his place of work were sending their kids to school. He wept every morning when he saw his mates going to secondary school in their uniforms.

All of these pushed him into making sure that he made the best out of his life. He struggled his way through and tried to fend for himself. He is a highly successful man today in all ramifications and a graduate too. He could have just thrown a pity party for himself all his life and keep blaming his dad about not being able to go to school. But he never did that, I can even tell you that he even maintained a good relationship with his dad before he passed on last year. My dad is a serious advocate for education. Although, he still talks about the “ten naira” story jokingly, I am happy he never let what his father did to him deter him from being a success.

Bear no grudges with your parents. Please move on.

Work towards becoming a good parent in future.

The kind of parents you will be tomorrow is far more important than the kind of parents you have now.

There are no perfect parents on earth and you certainly won’t be a perfect parent either.
Be grateful for them.

Love and honor your parents that’s what God says and that’s all that matters.


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