Mother Charged With Cruelty For Hitting Daughter’s Hand With Wooden Spoon



A 50-year-old woman in the UK has been charged with cruelty for smacking her nine-year-old daughter’s hand with a salad spoon. The woman had hit her daughter after she got a call from her daughter’s teacher saying the girl borrowed some money from her class mate during a trip to the zoo and never returned it.

The mother who has denied counts of cruelty to a child has also admitted that she noticed a blister on the daughter’s hand after she hit her.

Here is an excerpt from Telegraph’s description of what happened during the court hearing;

Deanne Heer, prosecuting, said the daughter “has described 20 or 30” occasions in which her mother hit her with the kitchen implement.

She said: “In 2012 you accept that you disciplined your daughter with the wooden spoon.

“There was the occasion when she went to Canterbury Zoo and she borrowed some money which she didn’t give back.

“So far as you were concerned there was absolutely no reason why she should borrow money from her school friend.”

The mother replied that her daughter had “kept some back, making her friend cry”.

She added: “It didn’t upset me that she didn’t tell me. I wasn’t cross.”

Ms Heer continued: “You decided you would go into her room before she went to school and have a conversation. Why did you take a wooden spoon with you?”

The mother, from Orpington, south east London, replied: “I didn’t. I went to her bedroom to ask what happened about the money issue. She said there was nothing that happened.

“I said ‘you tell me, because I got a call yesterday that you took some money off your friend’. I did go and get the wooden spoon because I wanted her to tell me what had happened because she was lying.

“As I was talking I was asking ‘where is your friend’s change?'”

Asked by the prosecution if she had been shouting, the mother said: “It’s possible that I raised my voice.”

She added: “She had a piggy bank. As I was asking her questions she was scratching on the piggy bank. I said ‘stop scratching it’ and that was all she got – a gentle tap to get her to stop scratching.”

Ms Heer said: “You lost your self control.”

“No, that’s not what happened,” the mother repled, adding: “The cry she made was not proportionate to the tap.”

The mother said she then noticed a blister on her child’s hand and took her down to the kitchen to apply ice.

She also denied that it was a “foot-long” spoon that police showed her in an interview, saying it was a small “salad spoon”.

Soon after the daughter told her teachers about the incident and police became involved, the court heard.

The woman denies three counts of cruelty to a person under the age of 16. The trial continues.


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