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My Bitter-Sweet Experience As A First Time Mum


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Being a new mum, my day has become so busy. I don’t seem to accomplish what I usually would in a day. As I work on my computer, designing, creating websites, responding to emails with my beautiful 6 month old daughter strapped to my body, I remember the afternoon she was born, I still remember the midwives exact words “take your baby’’, the trill, the fear, the magic.  She was an adorable looking creature who had grown in me for 9 months, causing me irregular heartbeats, nausea, swollen ankles and stretch marks — but she is my baby! I remember watching my belly as she kicked and punched (I thought it was a boy) inside of me, fascinated, thrilled and grateful that this was happening to me.

 There are a couple of things I did not expect that came with the pregnancy process and being a new mum; I was told that my stretch marks will ‘disappear’, that I’d forget the pain of Labour and why didn’t anyone mention that I might never sleep for at least a year! It’s been 6 months, stretch marks still in view, labour pain still very vivid like it was yesterday and oh yes I haven’t slept in 6 months! And I mean a restful sleep; the type that makes you feel refreshed when you wake up. To add to my list of daily to do’s is breastfeeding (exclusive for 6 months), stressful but cheap and rewarding – I never had to take my daughter to hospital for any illness. There were discourages here and there but I did it and it’s the best.

The sacrifices I’ve made for my daughter are all worth it, I had to stop my day job as I could not cope (I had terrible morning sickness) but thankfully I have a skill that allows me work from home. I am still working from home as a freelance graphic artist and I see myself doing this for a while, I don’t think I am ready to leave Tara (my daughter) with a day care, not yet. I’ve gained so much weight that I’m not even sure when I will return to ‘normal’.

I recently ordered a pair of trousers, size 14 – considering my new size, they didn’t fit at the hip. This is another thing they don’t tell you, your hips get wide and it’s not likely to return to its previous size. So now I have to wear size 16 trouser! I used to be a size 12!

My mum had been with me from my daughter’s birth till she was about 2 months when she had to go back to work, I knew I would need help at the house. I had my freelance job outstanding and I needed someone to keep my daughter company while I worked. We found Blessing, she came daily, was quite clean, cleaned the house well, but that didn’t last, I had to let her go as I found out she was pregnant. I didn’t think it was good to keep her working as her job included chores that can be stressful for a pregnant woman. Now I have Mary, she is just the opposite of Blessing. I am beginning to consider doing without ‘helps’ I will just have to find a way to manage my home and my work.

My motivation now is to care of Tare, my home and to lose all this weight, I was told breastfeeding helps, not for me. It will be nice to be a size 12 again…


Neneh Makun is a graphic artist who designs simple user interfaces and work in all stages of brand development. Check out her blog at and you can follow her on twitter @nenehs_tweets 





    February 5, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    To lose the weight you need to eat only your normal meal, plenty water and continue to breastfeed actively. Eat for one, not for two so that you can lose the weight before the next pregnancy which will add another 12kg to your weight. Improve on your present sedentary lifestyle too( sitting in front of computer for a long time). I hope you find this helpful.



    February 12, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    Thanks for your advise Joke.

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