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REAL WOMEN, REAL ISSUES: My Sister Keeps Going Back To Her Abusive Husband


Domestic violence victim

Please I want you to  help my sister, she has been married for 12 years and her husband beats her.

On Monday, she called me from Abuja that her husband had beaten her again and pulled her with her hair all over their house, blood was coming out from her ears, eyes, mouth. I remember the last time she reported him to Human rights, for separation, the husband refused to sign some documents claiming he wants peace, he wants reconciliation but after months he will beat her again and run away. My sister takes care of their four.

This last fight, my sister said she reported it to a police station and the DPO put this man in cell, but many people are calling her to tell the DPO to release the husband but she said no.

There was a time my sister rented a different apartment with the children, he will come there and stand at the gate begging her to come back and let them live together again and people will also be begging my sister and she will leave the house she paid for and go back.  Later the man will beat her like animal again.

There was one time my sister packed her things with the children and went to board a luxurious bus to Onitsha, he went there rolling on the floor begging her, that he is sorry, and people joined him asking my sister to go back, that if he can come down and be begging her in the bus park that means he is serious and if my sister insist does not listen to him, it will look as if she is heartless.

Please, I don’t want my sister to die in that marriage, how can she get help?

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    September 30, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    Am not happy reading this. Domestic violence is a crime. What people fail to understand is that it goes beyond the physical bruises. There are emotional scars that no one should ever go through. She can contact we have a facebook page as well. She can send a message so we can contact her. She needs all the support she can get right now.facebook page is : notalone . her secrets are safe and she can choose to be anonymous

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    Emmanuel Ann

    March 17, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Please the lady been abused should take her kids out of the man’s house were she will have peace,and never go back to the man,the next time he beats her maybe her death.Thanks

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