Women In Kaduna Claim Toxic Wastes From Refinery Is Making Their Husbands Impotent



A group of women from Mararaba Rido, Kaduna State, were reportedly gathered at the NDA Junction in Kaduna to protest their husbands’ inability to satisfy them sexually.

They complained that many men from the Rido community have become impotent and many women suffer miscarriages due to the toxic chemical waste coming from Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC).

There has been a speculations that the toxic emissions from the refinery have reproductive health effect on people in the community, but the claim has not been substantiated by any medical report yet.

A community leader, Mohammed Bashar explained;

“Most of the complaints could be associated with secondary infertility, because victims have, in the past, given birth to children before they suddenly stopped.

 There was widespread belief that smoke and poisonous gases emitted from the refinery have reproductive health effect on people living in the area, but no medical report has confirmed the allegation due to inability of villagers to seek comprehensive medical tests, perhaps owing to lack of awareness and poverty.”


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