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Orijin Will Make You Forget You Are Single!



I have been seeing the hastag Orijin all over my twitter timeline, I had thought ‘This guy should calm down with these hastag. It is just one of those overrated drinks.’’ That was my perception until Monday evening, when I opened our refrigerator at home and found a half empty can of orijin. I said ‘great’. Let me taste what the hype is about.

I stood by the kitchen zinc, ready to spit out the repulsive drink I was set to gulp. That was me judging a book by its cover… Then I took one sip, then another, and then another until the whole can was totally empty.

For a while, I forgot my three major problems of no job, no money and no spouse. I realized this life is not that bad. Orijin has this bitter sweet taste of fruits and alcohol that kept me craving for more. It tasted like a 50:45:05 mixture of Lacasera, smirnoff ice and alomo bitters respectively.

I know my description is amusing but what do you expect from an excited lady reviewing alcohol? I’m not a fan of vinous drinks but I have to admit I tasted greatness. I’m just hoping the memory of that drink is erased so I don’t add alcoholic to the list of my problems because at the moment, I can’t wait to be a salary owner so I could spend my money on orijin.

Over to you. What do you think of Orijin?

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