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#WomenWhoWrite: Remi Roy, The Author Of Ms Unlikely




Remi Roy is a a writer, author and media content professional.She has worked for magazines and a publishing firm in the past. She just finished the coolest Master’s Program on earth (Emerging Media and Communication), published her first book  – Ms Unlikely, about to release her second book and looking forward to greater things. When she is not writing, she loves to curl up with a good book or movie or spend time with the people she  loves.

How does it feel seeing your first book on the shelves?
It feels awesome. Absolutely thrilling! I’m beyond grateful to be able to do this.

Why did you write this book?
I had a story to tell. It was a way of dealing with my own personal experiences and rationalizing life as a young, single woman.
I haven’t always known what to do with my life. I grew up wanting to be a doctor, I ended up working in publishing. And I’m still figuring things out. So I thought, if I feel this way, my bet is I’m not alone. So I wrote this story about a young woman in search of meaning, fulfilment and, of course, love. And if the comments I have received is any indication, a lot of young women are encouraged by Reki, the main character’s story.

How has been the feedback?
It’s been great. I’m grateful to everyone who has bought, read and even taken the time to review the book. I’m humbled! It has been a challenge getting copies to my readers in Nigeria but I’m currently working on that. I have no regrets.

Was there any time you felt like quitting or got really overwhelmed?
Not yet. I haven’t felt like giving it all up yet. I know that might happen sometime in the future. I’ve lived long enough to know that it’s all a part of the growth process. I hope to keep going even when that happens. I hope I’m strong enough to weather that storm when it comes.

Your happiest moment so far on this journey?
There have been many. Very many. When I held the paperback proof in my hands. When I clicked publish on Amazon. When I made my first sale. When I got my first review from someone I didn’t know…
So many moments.

What is a typical writing day like for you?
Ha! My days are never typical. I’m so unstructured when it comes to writing. Wouldn’t it be so cool to say I write at night and work during the day? But I don’t. All I do at night is sleep. However, I try not to let a moment of inspiration pass. My phone is full of story ideas, dialogues, and one sentence plots and such. And when I sit down to work I can go hours at a time. In other words, I just go with my flow.

You are on your second book now, the more books you write the easier it should be. Isn’t it?
I really wish that was true. But it’s been different for me. Every story is unique. And so is the attention and work they demand from me. I can say, however, that my second book has been such a blessing to write. It is a collection of stories, the first of which I wrote around 2009. Because I have had such a long time to mull over them it doesn’t feel like much work. I really enjoyed researching and crafting those stories.

Since your first to the second one, how do you think you have progressed as a writer?
I believe that now I pay more attention to how the story comes across to the reader. That means coming back to a story with fresh eyes and examining the little details. The kind of things that the reader shouldn’t notice. Because when they do, it ruins the flow and reading experience.
When I compare my recent work to stuff I wrote three years ago, the difference is clear, even to me. That means I’m growing and I’m grateful for that.

Apart from your writing skills what other skills and knowledge have been of help in achieving this?
Attention to detail. (It’s an indispensable skill, trust me) Design direction. (I say direction because even though I have an eye for good design, I suck at designing itself) Marketing. (I still struggle with self-promotion but I’m learning a lot) Website creation and other online stuff. (Have I mentioned that I just finished the coolest Master’s Program on earth? I learned a ton in those two years and it’s really helping!)

So many women dream of writing a book someday, is having a story idea enough to do that?
I think for some people it may be a first step, but it never ends there. For many years I wished and hoped and dreamt I would write book. So many things hold us back from pursuing our dreams – fear, insecurity, lack of drive and motivation, laziness, disillusionment with the whole process… I was assailed by all of the above!

But the moment we decide we don’t want to look back someday and wish we had done something worthwhile with our lives, that’s when the change happens. It will take a lot to beat the inertia, maybe even sweat, blood and tears, but the joy of accomplishment is amazing!

To know that you got off your behind and actually put your energy into something others can enjoy and learn from? …What else can I say?

What is the overall message you hope readers get from reading your book?
That struggling with finding something to be passionate about is not a crime; it happens to the best of us. That living life without a purpose is like going out to buy a dress with no size in mind. That love is such a beautiful thing and finding someone special is a worthwhile experience.
That anyone can achieve their dreams if they silence that voice in their head that questions their abilities. That they can hold my book in their hands because I silenced mine.

Where can we get more details about your book?
On my website or on my Amazon Author page at

Ms Unlikely by Remi Roy

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