SIX Women Bloggers Answer The Question “Why Exactly Do You Blog?”



In our WomenWhoBlog series, we have interviewed some amazing women bloggers and when asked “why do you blog?”, here is what they said; Read full interviews here


1960Lateefah Adesanya
The initial reason for starting a blog was to have an outlet. I was going through a bit of “a finding myself” period and I was stressed out about a lot of things and thought “hey I love entertainment, celebrity and fashion blogs, so I am going to start a blog”. Simple as that. I love that blogging provides a medium to express how one feels about any subject matter and to receive feedback. I know most bloggers say they started blogging because of their passion for writing and what not but I will be the first to admit to you I am not a writer, I do not consider myself one. I’m just some chick who has access to a computer and Internet connection expressing herself via these mediums about subjects she finds interesting (In this case entertainment, fashion and celebrity culture). Sometimes I feel like a bit of an impostor though, because there are so many amazing writers out there in the Nigerian blogosphere.


jenniferJennifer Erere Abayowa
I can’t imagine not blogging. Writing on a Blog is such a beautiful creative outlet for self-expression. In the years I’ve blogged, I’ve seen myself transform and evolve into the woman I am today. My Blog, the Light-A-Lamp Blog, has a very strong focus on a direct inspiration from God, and this has contributed immensely to my growth in the knowledge of His Word, at the same time inspiring not just myself but visitors from different regions of the world to live a life fulfilling purpose.



Chioma Chuka
Fairy Godsister
Blogging is a form of expression for me; it is what I do when I’m happy, calms me down when I’m upset, and serves as my little broadcast station for information I want to put out.





Vera Ezimora
Verastically Livin’
My reason for blogging has always been the same: I have a lot to talk [write] about, and I absolutely love doing it.



suzaneSuzanne Brume
I blog because I want to connect with people, and help people reach their fitness potential. I’ve been lucky enough to write for a couple of magazines as well, but blogging really allows you to banter back and forth with your readers. You can truly judge who is interested in what you have to say, take questions and feedback, and write about what people ask for. People read the information in real time, and tell you whether it is helpful or not. There are few feelings in this world comparable to when someone comes back and tells you that they have implemented what you wrote about, and it has helped them grow.

???????????????????????????????Aloted Omoba
Purpose Driven Blog
Hmm, first of all I am a writer, I love writing, so if blogging didn’t exist, I would still write. Before blogging existed I wrote in journals, but now that the Internet has literally taken over the world, a lot of writers have moved to an online platform.

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