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15 (HOT) QUESTIONS: Seyi Oluyole, Director Of Nurture My Future Organization


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 Seyi Oluyole is a writer, choreographer and executive director for a non profit that provides educational opportunity for children and young adults; Nurture My future Organization. She doesn’t believe in following the status quo, and most of all she is a fun loving introvert.

Seyi Oluyole  is our guest on the 15 QUESTIONS Series today! Send us an email at  if you like to be a guest!

1. If you were the President for one day and you have the power to fix one thing in Nigeria, what will it be and WHY?
The educational sector definitely. I’d probably take out the whole syllabus and curriculum thing .Then focus more on children learning rather than the completion of a certain syllabus.

2. What is the most annoying thing you have heard people say about women in Nigeria?
The number one goal of every woman is to get married; and a woman’s achievement is naught without a husband and children. Hogwash! I mean getting married is cool but I don’t believe it’s the end game of every woman. Marriage is choice not a career path.

3. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year old, which would you choose?
The body.; I could dance for the rest of my lifetime. You know what I mean.

4. Name three things you and your partner appear to have in common.
Hmmmmm… If I had a partner this would be an easy question. I’ll take a rain check and be back with an answer when I have a partner.

5. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one special quality or ability, what would it be?
Tricky. I’d say seeing the future but the future is not definite. Choices make the future and people change their minds all the time. I’ll settle for Mind reading; I’d like to know the crazy thoughts of everyone. Walking down the street and telling someone; I know what you did last night because I could hear them thinking about it. How cool is that?

6. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know? Why or why not?
Who will be my baby daddy. That way, I don’t have to keep waiting or guessing I’ll just go get him.

7. If you knew when you will die, would you change anything about the way you are now living? Why?
I wouldn’t change a thing. Every action I take is a product of my conscious choice. However, I’d take a glass of margarita then cross it off my bucket list though.

8. If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? Why haven’t you told them yet?
I’m not dying.

9. Your house, containing everything you own, catches fire. After saving your loved ones, you have time to safely make a final dash to save any one item. What would it be? Why?
My Laptop!!!! Why not?

10. If you don’t have to worry about making money, what would you do all day?
There’s no one thing that I’d do. I have a number of tings; Read books, write, spend most of my time at my Community Learning Center in Imota, teach despondent kids to dance. And make tons of dance videos.

11. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? What happened that year?
2009. I’d make more friends in school.

12. How do you think your friends would describe you?
Crazy, Fun, passionate and the best thing that ever happened to them

13. Would you like to be famous? In what way?
Hell yea! I’d love to famous for Empowering children and giving them equal opportunities to succeed regardless of their background.

14. Is there something that you’ve dreamt of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?
Yes. I haven’t because it’s a work in progress.

15. Would you be willing to have horrible nightmares for a year if you would be rewarded with extraordinary wealth for a life time? Why or Why not?
Nope. Because I like to work for what I have. How about I work hard and earn my extra ordinary wealth.

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