AINEHI EDORO – Her Philosophy & Her Army Of African Writers On Brittle Paper


Give her love, she’ll give you her life! Give her a dessert, she’ll make it a budding nation! This is the chronicle of women and that of Ainehi Edoro!
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Ainehi Edoro grew up in a struggling working class Nigerian household. It was ingrained into her at an early age that doing well in school was the ticket out of poverty, so reading was more of an endless rigorous activity to secure that ticket. With the determination to find pleasure in reading, in her last year in secondary school, she picked up several books on various themes and forced her way through each book. She kept at building the fondness for books till it became something she craved and enjoyed!

In her first year as a doctoral student in Duke University, a whole new world of philosophical and literary texts were opened up to her. The passion to share these findings with a larger audience prompted her to create Brittle Paper, which at that time was centered on sharing her utterly captivating universe of ideas and philosophical findings.

Much later, Ainehi Edoro discovered what was lacking in the African Literary World, African literature that meet the needs of African audience. When she discovered that void she decided to make Brittle Paper the hub for connecting fun and inventive African writers to readers who sought such writings.

Today, Brittle Paper is known for championing African literature. It has also taken the lead in showing the world the awesomeness of African literature and how it should be read. Brittle Paper readers experience African literature as something that speaks to every aspect of their lives—sex, fashion, gossip, celebrity culture, and they also enjoy genuinely entertaining stories.

In the video below, Ainehi Edoro tells us all about the Brittle Paper!

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