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What I Am Currently Reading: How To Sell Anything To Anybody


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I recall sending out a broadcast message on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) early this year about a short list of things I could help small businesses and individuals with. I was consciously selling my services! Everyone has something to offer the next person, meaning each person has something to sell. And it could be devastating if you don’t know how to sell what you have to offer.

 The author, Joe Girard, holds the Guinness World record for most cars sold in a year! In this book he shares some of the selling principles he learned in 15 years. I like the first part of the book because it introduces the reader to attitudes of a winner. These attitudes are used to create individual systems that helps them sell. This means everyone can develop a unique way of selling anything!

 If you have ever been frustrated with selling a product or service or even marketing your skills then you have to check this book out! I particularly love and use his law of 250.

He said, “Everyone knows about 250 people in his or her life.” In the law, he explained that for every client you meet, you already have an additional 250 potential clients because each client has a connection with about 250 people that you don’t know. Having this understanding helps you create long term relationships with clients rather short term relationship for immediate sale or business transactions.

There are other interesting and mind blowing points in the book. It’s definitely a must read for everyone.


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