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COVER GIRL: SIX Best Zainab Balogun & Beverly Naya’s Quotes On Discovering and Defining Beauty



Model and Television host, Zainab Balogun, Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya, and Singer Di’Ja are the cover stars for the beauty edition of Today’s Woman, each sharing their inspiring stories on how they discovered their beauty and redefined what beauty meant to them rather than the beauty stereotypes created by the society.

Here are some of the inspiring beauty quotes from their interview with Today’s Woman.

There can be beauty in things that are not necessarily deemed as beautiful,” Zainab Balogun.

A woman should be able to transform and do whatever she wants to do with her hair,” Zainab Balogun.

Beauty is so much more than thinking you look pretty. It’s about people accepting you [for who you really are],” Zainab Balogun.

“Beauty is the ability to walk into a room and command presence…because you are graceful and you know who you are [and you’re confident being that person]. [Your] beauty is [the] energy that radiates from within ,” Beverly Naya.

“You have to look in the mirror and tell yourself ‘I am worthy, and I am beautiful, no matter what anyone else thinks.’ You have to genuinely believe that that’s who you are and that’s what you’re going to be” – Beverly Naya.

“There’s [no] hierarchy of beauty according to complexion…there are 54 shades of black skin…appreciate…all of them [and love your shade of black]”-  Beverly Naya.

Read full interview in the June Edition of TW Magazine

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1 Comment

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