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Ladies, Should We Advocate For Days Off Or Less Work When Aunty Flo Visits?



Jumai couldn’t stand the pain, she had woken up with a sore back and a more painful lower abdomen. ‘Am I dying?’ she had asked herself that morning. She felt a trickle and hurried to the bathroom to discover that she was bleeding.

“Oh! My monthly flow…why now?” she moaned aloud as she quickly turned on the shower, thankful that she had turned on the heater a few hours ago. She got out of the warm shower and as soon as she had towelled herself dry, she popped some pain relievers into her mouth and got ready for work.

She got to work a bit late and as soon as she stepped into her office she felt so dizzy and light-headed. The gateman greeted her in his usual cheerful way but unlike her usual bubbly self, she didn’t acknowledge his greetings.

She had just reached the reception when a fellow colleague, Femi, fell in stride with her and asked.

“You look rather dull, are you okay?”

“I am not feeling too well…” Jumai croaked staring at him and managing a smile.

“Awww…pele… but you do have the report for today’s meeting, right? We are counting on you.” He said, flashing white teeth.

“God’s grace abeg…I’m really weak…” Jumai said weakly.

“Take some medication dear…you’ll be good in no time.” He said to her and went towards his department.

‘Men! Do they ever understand? They are free humans, parading the world and enjoying every moment of it. They don’t have to go through periods, childbirth or even menopause, what a life!’ She thought as she walked towards her office.

By the time the meeting started at ten that morning, she almost swore to herself that she couldn’t feel her knees, her body was getting numb and the pain at her lower belly had intensified. She had tried telling her boss that she wasn’t feeling too well but he had shunned her ‘flimsy’-he had called it-excuses. ‘Work had to be done’ his mannerism indirectly told her.

Exhaling deeply, she picked up the report from her desk and walked shakily to the boardroom, everyone was present. Hardly had she sat down when the managing director said.

“Jumai…the report please…”

All eyes reverted on her, she gulped and stood up, holding the report in her hands and sauntering to the front to face everyone. She hiccuped as soon as she opened the report, swiftly the words she had written last week turned to blur beneath her gaze, she blinked twice and stared at the report again, then, suddenly she felt a huge shove as her legs gave way and she collapsed.

Dealing with Aunty Flo on a work day can be the most unnerving experience especially when you have pressing work at hand. How nice it would be if ladies were given an ‘aunty flow day off’ for their menstrual cycles. Men would not understand how physically and sometimes mentally draining an Aunty Flo day can be! I, for one, snap at people and get really upset while the most trifle things upsets me whenever my Aunty Flo comes.

I feel that Jumai could have just taken an ‘aunty flow day off’ instead of coming to work and fainting before her colleagues (for the men reading this- Yes, sometimes the pain can be that unbearable).

So what do you think ladies? Should we advocate for days off work during Aunty Flo days? Should we stand for less work during period days? Or should we sit it out as we normally do?

For those who go through serious pains during their menstrual period and couldn’t take the day off, how did you overcome? Are there any tips to dealing with Aunty Flo on a work day?

Do feel free to share your versions of ‘dealing with Aunty Flo on a work day’ in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you.


Writer: Adaeze Ibechukwu is a lady with a passion for God and life. She’s a script-writer, novelist, talker and a creative journalist. She enjoys spinning stories and has a blog-site where she writes stories series, she’s also interviewed some A-list Nigerian celebrities.

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1 Comment

1 Comment



    June 11, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    Nice write-up,a day of for aunty flow…hmmm…I don’t see that happening..even in modern worlds,I still don’t see that happening..I for example,won’t buy the excuse for the sake of aunty flow…especially now that ladies seems men are women are equal in every areas,thus they can perform under any condition..

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