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Spirit Husbands And Wives. Do They Really Exist?



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I heard something rather interesting from someone yesterday. She told me about her friend who lost her husband just two weeks after their wedding. It was a really sad story. But according to my friend, some people were already insinuating that it was the widow’s spirit husband that killed her human husband (confusing?).

Let me explain. In the western part of Africa (Nigeria to be precise), it is believed that some people have spirit husbands and wives. These spirit husband and wives, it is believed, come from the spirit world in the water and lay claim on a man or woman as their husband or wife. Henceforth, they do battle with whoever their beloved tries to get married to. Please don’t ask me how they pick their husbands or wives because I have no idea.

I have been made to understand that people’s dreams usually reveal whether or not they have spirit husbands or wives. For example, if you have a pattern of dreams where you get married to someone or have sexual intercourse with them, then it is likely he or she is your spouse from the spirit world.

Really bizarre, if you ask me. I can only imagine the trauma the young lady who lost her husband is going through already for the loss of her husband. As if that was not enough, it is now claimed that her spirit husband is responsible for her human husband’s death.

But the nagging question is do they really exist? Do they impact the physical spouse, and how can they be confronted or stopped?

Do you have experiences you may want to share? Or do you know a thing or two about spirit spouses? We would like to hear from you. Why not leave a comment?

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Read more interesting relationship articles by Seyi Obasi on her column on Woman.NG – Before & After

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1 Comment

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