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Toyin Lawani Shares Her Success Tips With Entrepreneurs



Toyin Lawani is a celebrity stylist, fashion designer and CEO of Tianna’s Place. In a recent short note on her instagram she shares her success tips with entrepreneurs. Read below;

Hapi sunday 2my Entrepreneurs, let me Give U a tip 2success..An individual who walk alone will find him/herself in places A crowd cn neva get,whn on a mission in life u hv2 luk 2ur goals&Aim at it ,u hv 2letgo of friends&alot of unimportant tngs in life..Being frm a Rich home wont evn cut it 4u..if u dnt hv passion 4wht u set 2do ul giveup along d way,4yrs ago a fashion mogul i looked up 2sat me dwn& tld me to concentrate only on 1 of my passions dt i will Grow faster than doing all at d sametime..Aunty i hv bn doing all dis buisnesses snc i was 16 yrs old in uni lag &I had 2 shops thn…i blv in myself& being consistent will do d trick,she laughed whn i tld her I cnt drop any of my biz cse i hv passion4 all..i luv being a stylist &being a designer lets me create images dt hv neva bn seen frm scratch,i didnt go2 beauty,fashion, styling,Designing /Buisness sch jst 2drop some of my biz?my mum handed some of ds biz 2me..i got home,cried&thot abt it & i tld myself I nid 2workharder 2prove ds hater wrong…i started makn ways towards building my Empire,i knew putting all my buisnesses under one roof will do d trick,so people cn knw i own dem,my unisex salon,humanhairline (HairGoddess ) spa,glowproducts,Butik,travelling Agency whr all at my VI branch at oyinjolayemi thn,while Amaladotcom1 was at oniru&my Design outfit ws at my home thn,by d time i made all my biz rounds 4days,it wld hv bn 2late whn i got home 2cater 2my kids. .witime my biz suffered&staffs started cheating me..oneday I wokeup&said i cnt do ds no more&didnt wnt 2b a loser,hd 2much passion 2let go of wht i lived spoke 2alot of pips& my partner,d advice dey gave me thn was 2close d biz up…well I tuk their No&turned it into a yes…found d new location worked on it 4a year without telln no1..opened up 7more buisnesses added 2d old 1s 2help dem evolve&nw we here..neva take no 4an answer..Neva let any1 kill ur dreams jst cse dey feel it’s impossible, show dem it’s possible do D undoable,Go Bck&learn more if u hv2..Remba Beyonce s got same 24hrs u hv if she can do it yes u cn..Be unstoppable bt ist u hv2 believe in ur Dreams due 2 Dream crushers


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