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Woman Receives Death Threats For Teaching Young Women To Keep Virginity



Mrs Adunni Adediran is the founder of Nigerian Virgin Girls, a non-governmental organization that celebrates virginity. She also organises the annual Miss Virginity Pageant. In a recent interview with Vanguard, she spoke on the challenges of being a champion for virginity in Nigeria.

Below is an excerpt;
To see a virgin in the modern day Nigeria is not common. How do you ascertain their virginity?
A gynaecologist, Dr. Naheem-Deen Ekemode, who has practised for more than 40 years, was doing that for us. Within a second, he will know whether someone is a virgin or not but some parents started frowning about it.

But are there still virgins amongst ladies of marriageable age?
I have virgins even in my home. My own daughter got married as a virgin at 29. There are many virgins in this country but they are shy to come out because their wayward friends mock at them. They call them fools because they want to spoil their lives before marriage and there is nothing more interesting and good one would be proud of than keeping one’s virginity. In fact, God loves it because I heard the voice several times, urging me to go and encourage virgins and I will not stop it till my demise.

Most men complain that marrying a virgin gives them concern. To them, it is like relating with somebody who cannot satisfy them sexually.
They are saying it because they are in doubt of the authenticity of our claim that there are still virgins. They know that if they marry a virgin, they have assurance that they are marrying somebody who has not tampered with her womb or who has not contracted sexually transmitted diseases. You cannot compare used engine with a brand new one. Men are not realistic. All these they are talking that it is difficult to get virgins is not true. Some men will use these girls, de-flower some of them and at the end of the day, they will jilt them and run after another girl.

We are in year of 21st Century with internet associated sexual activities. How do we check that?
Our business is to encourage virginity, to wake up parents and tell them to make a change in life of a girl in their hands. It is like Sodom and Gomorrah. Men will do it and go free, although some of them will contract virgins and won’t be able to impregnate their wife. Men too should remain virgins till they marry. In pre-marital sex, men will waste important children including presidents in their body before getting married.

 Read full interview on Vanguard

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